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Movies Unlimited catalog is the world's oldest and most visited source for mail-order video movies with thousands of titles across every genre. Movies Unlimited offers great specials and super deals daily. It also provides movie lovers with coupon codes as this would give them additional savings in order for them to satisfy their cinematic cravings. -featured at
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Movies Unlmtd 2024 Coupon Codes

Movies Unlmtd Frequently Asked Questions

The Movies Unlimited Catalog offers a wide range of DVDs and Blu-rays for people who enjoy seeing movies. It provides movie lovers with the latest Hollywood classics that are hard to find in cinemas.

Movies Unlimited offers great specials and super deals daily. It also provides movie lovers with coupon codes that would give them additional savings to satisfy their cinematic cravings.

Shop by Your Favorite Actors

It’s easy to find the greatest movies from the greatest actors at huge savings. This is the store to find every available film, from beloved actors like Cary Grant, Clint Eastwood, and Elvis Presley to breathtaking actresses like Katharine Hepburn, Meryl Streep, and Doris Day. You will love the selection of special editions and collector’s box sets featuring the greatest contributors to cinematic entertainment from every decade of Hollywood history.

Shop by Your Favorite Studios

Are you a real movie aficionado? Then you will love the simplicity of shopping by the studio, with rich lists of movies from collector-favorite companies like Warner Archive Collection, Fox Cinema Archives, Universal Vault, Kino Lorber, Olive Films, and the Criterion Collection. This is the perfect way for discriminating fans to find titles and build your movie collection. Fill your entertainment center shelves with something for everyone, from classics unavailable in retail stores to foreign and independent film finds.

Shop by Your Favorite Genres

Grab the popcorn and get comfortable for movie night after finding a selection of demanded films in every conceivable category. Make it mystery or action if you like a good thrill or classic drama for chick flick night.

The Movies Unlimited catalog has what you’re looking for, be it comedy, western, action and adventure, science fiction, or TV shows from every generation. If you love movies, you’ll find exactly what you want to watch here.

CDs, Books, and More

Grab the popcorn and get comfortable for movie night after finding a selection of demanded films in every conceivable category. Make it mystery or action if you like a good thrill or classic drama for chick flick night. The Movies Unlimited catalog has what you’re looking for, be it comedy, western, action and adventure, science fiction, or TV shows from every generation. If you love movies, you’ll find exactly what you want to watch here.

Movies Unlimited: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Movies Unlimited catalog:

How can I request the Movies Unlimited catalog?

To request your Movies Unlimited catalog, visit the Movies Unlimited website and fill out the Catalog Request Form. After form submission, you will receive a free copy of the Movies Unlimited catalog at no shipping cost.

What’s new in the Movies Unlimited catalog?

Movies Unlimited catalog is filled with in-demand films in every possible category you are looking for. It offers movies from your favorite actors, from your favorite genre of movies, and from your favorite studios.

Movies Unlimited offers just the type of movie you are looking for, be it romantic comedy, comedy, thriller, horror, drama, classic drama, mystery, action, western, adventure, science fiction, documentary, or TV shows.

Movies Unlimited features popular actors from great movies and from some of your favorite studios. Some of the popular actors include Cary Grant, Clint Eastwood, and Doris Day. Some of your favorite company studios include the Warner Archive Collection, Fox Cinema Archives, and the Criterion Collection.

Some of its popular DVD films include The Silver Queen Classic Netflix series, the second season of Homecoming, which is on preorder, The Rocket Man, and other classics that are not found in stores. You can get a complete list of the New and Upcoming releases.

Other catalogs, like the Movies Unlimited Catalog

If you like the Movies Unlimited catalog, then you will enjoy other movie catalogs like I See Me, Video Collector, Heartland Music, CCMusic, CCVideo, and many more.

What is Special about the Movies Unlimited Video Catalog?

Movies Unlimited Video Catalog has almost 800 pages of unlimited videos, which shows every movie title accessible on video. It is widely regarded as the most complete resource for home video.

It truly represents a complete dictionary or reference of videos that incorporate scarce artwork and a smart summary of movies at a low and affordable cost.

Does Movies Unlimited offer hard-to-find titles?

Movies Unlimited does not only offer exclusively hard-to-find titles; they also have good expertise in tracking and locating rare and good movies. Finding uncommon movies that are difficult to track down in neighborhood video stores or through other mail-request tasks is one thing that Movies Unlimited is known for.

Aside from the latest Hollywood releases, what else can be found at Movies Unlimited?

Movies Unlimited offers everything as they exhibit Western, exemplary, and non-exemplary science fiction movies from the 1950s. They also feature uncommon game highlights, thrilling serial movies and murders, captivating documentaries, enchanting fighting adventures, fabulous family fare, vintage TV shows, and a whole lot more.

How Can I Find Out About New Video Releases Throughout the Year?

After you purchase a movie, Movies Unlimited puts every one of their customers on their mailing list, which sends Video Flash supplements, new video releases, and different other mail over the years.

Movies Unlimited also offers service help and updates to their customer’s mail about upcoming releases, cost reductions, and other fascinating information that is happening in the video market. If you would love to receive these updates, send an email to

What Does “Famous” Have to Do With Movies Unlimited?

Movies Unlimited is recommended by some of your favorite major studios and, as such, has received great and interesting feedback from film critics such as Gene Siskel, Leonard Maltin, Roger Ebert, and Gene Shalit.

Also, favorite celebrities and chiefs, mostly Oscar winners, are regular mail-order clients of Movies Unlimited.

What other types of movie information does Movies Unlimited have available for movie collectors?

Movies Unlimited additionally distributes Movie Fanfare, a web-based magazine featuring film articles, exemplary film audits, and entertainer accolades, and encourages guests to participate in the discussions at

What Makes Movies Unlimited Different from Other Film-Oriented Websites?

Movies Unlimited is a video subject matter expert who knows the video market better than any other film-oriented organization. It centers around every one of the titles that are currently accessible on record. It has a huge number of titles that other film locales don’t have.

Movies Unlimited doesn’t list motion pictures that were never on record or have been ceased. They also transport from their stockroom and don’t depend on any other people to stock or transport their product for you.

Why was my order delayed?

Please note that Movies Unlimited makes it their mission to see that all order requests are shipped out and arrive to you on time. However, some orders might be delayed or backordered due to a mismatch between the information provided and your credit card statement. If your order is delayed, Movies Unlimited will send you a notification via email.

Can my order be canceled?

Yes, it can. If, within thirty days of the order date, Movies Unlimited cannot confirm the shipment of your requested item, a delay notice or backorder notification will be sent to you via email. Any unshipped or purchased item(s) would be automatically canceled.

How do I return a purchased item?

While making a return, ensure that the item is placed in the container in which it arrived, and then send it back to Movies Unlimited via USPS Parcel Post.

For your convenience, please use the form at the rear of the pressing slip and leave a concise note stating the reason you are returning the item.

If you receive a defective item, please leave a clear and concise note stating the defect of the item, and Movies Unlimited will refund it.

What is Bill Me Later?

Bill Me Later is a new, helpful, and secure installment technique that is designed for online purchases. It is a protected, instant, and reusable credit line that does not require customers to keep a bunch of credit cards in their wallets.

To get a Bill Me Later account, extensive application forms are not needed. All you have to do is simply select the Bill Me Later option at the checkout point to complete your request. To learn more about Bill Me Later, visit their website.

What countries do we ship to?

Movies Unlimited currently ships goods to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Why is my country not listed?

Although the accepted list of countries that Movies Unlimited can ship to will continue to grow as it expands its operations, it will also no longer be able to ship to non-listed countries.

How do I track my order?

Movies Unlimited will send you a delivery confirmation through email. In the mail, your order tracking information, along directions for tracking your package status through the shipping process, would be included.

You can also log into your account on the Movies Unlimited website and choose an order to review. If a tracking number for that item or order is available, it will be shown in the order details. If the tracking number for that item or order is unavailable or not valid, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 1-800-668-4344.

About Movies Unlimited

Movies Unlimited is the world’s most seasoned and solid video mail-order company, which was established in 1978. It is a Philadelphia-based company that has sold a huge number of video motion pictures all around the world since its incorporation.

Movies Unlimited is not just an online intuitive film store; it also deals in the distribution of incredibly famous catalogs that are dedicated only to video motion pictures.

Movies Unlimited also keeps an exhaustive and enlightening online journal webpage, Movie Fanfare, that offers the most recent information on motion pictures through blog postings, sections, articles, an RSS channel, and video webcasts.

What Are the Things First-Time Shoppers Should Know?

The goal of Movies Unlimited is to provide customers with a brilliant customer experience and to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their products. Some of the other things first-time shoppers should know include:.

Placing an Order

To place your order on Movies Unlimited, customers do not need to first have an account. All you have to do is simply pick the item you wish to purchase and tap the “Add to Cart” button. You will be taken through the checkout process for your item(s).

During the checkout process, you will fill in all the necessary information needed to create your account and this information will be stored in the Movies Unlimited database for future purchases.

Completing the request for your order and the checkout process will create an account for a new customer. This would allow customers to be able to track the status of their orders.

Payment Options

After the completion and acceptance of your order by Movies Unlimited, your card will be authorized but not charged until shipping confirmation arrives. Movies Unlimited charges their customers for only the item(s) shipped, shipping and handling charges, and any other applicable taxes.

Movies Unlimited accepts credit card payments from Mastercard, Discover Card, Visa, and American Express. They also accept PayPal and Bill Me Later as forms of payment.

There are no additional charges for utilizing the Visa card to purchase your item(s) from Movies Unlimited. Please ensure that you provide correct information on your exact billing address and phone number, as they show on your financial record.

Wrong information may create setbacks in processing your order or may cause failure for your order request to be completed.

Returning an Item

Movies Unlimited’s mission is for every one of their customers to be satisfied with their orders. But if you are not satisfied and you need to return an item, please go through the return policy.

For purchased items that include DVDs, Blu-ray films, HD DVDs, and Music, customers may return these items within 30 days from the shipping date to get a full refund or exchange.

Please note that return items are only accepted if they are still in their unique unopened box and customers fully bear the return shipping expenses unless the received goods were damaged or defective.

Shipping and Delivery Timeframes

Movies Unlimited offers free shipping on orders above $50. It also has three (3) classes of shipping. They are:

  • Economy Shipping: Here, Movies Unlimited collects a $4 base charge on every order and an additional $1.50 on every item ordered. These items usually take 5 to 10 business days to get to customers.

  • Standard Shipping: Here, Movies Unlimited collects a $6 base charge on every order and an additional $1.50 on every item ordered. These items usually take 4 to 8 business days to get to customers.

  • Expedited Shipping: Here, Movies Unlimited collects a $6 base charge on every order and an additional $5 on every item ordered. These items’ processing and shipping are already expedited and usually take 2 to 3 business days to get to customers.

Movies Unlimited has the right to cancel or refuse any order shipping to countries and regions of their choosing worldwide.

Secure Shopper Guarantee

Movies Unlimited needs every client to have a free outlook on their internet-based exchanges, which is why Movies Unlimited is a safe website.

Any close-to-home data given to Movies Unlimited will be guaranteed. Movies Unlimited servers will protect your data with state-of-the-art firewall and encryption procedures during the requesting process.

To help you perceive the secure spaces of the Movies Unlimited site, a little lock symbol will show up in the lower left corner of your internet browser. At the point when this symbol is available and in the locked position, you realize that data on that page can be gotten.

Added online security to shield your data from unapproved use is guaranteed by utilizing advanced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

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