Armstrong Flag Company

Flags of the world, state flags, sports team flags and more

Armstrong Flags is your flag headquarters with their huge collection of state flags, flags of the world, sports flags, and flagpoles.

What's Inside:
Choose from their inventory of:
  • U.S. flags -- Display the red, white and blue when you select a United States flag from their huge collection of indoor and outdoor flags. Honor your home state and the country too when you choose a state flag to display along side your nation's banner.

  • World flags -- Armstrong Flags offers a complete line of flags of the world. Choose European flags including the French, German, Swiss, Russian, and Italian flags in indoor, outdoor and handheld versions. Check out their Hispanic flags, including the popular Cuban flag and Mexican flag designs. From the Irish flag to the flags of Puerto Rico, Egypt, and China, their flag collection is perfect for your home, business, or classroom.

  • State flags -- Whether you want a complete 50 state flag set or a single indoor or outdoor flag from your home state, they have everything you need. From Alaska to Florida's state flags, they cover the country with state flags in sizes from 2'x3' to 8'x12'.

  • Historic flags -- Honor the history of the U.S. with Armstrong Flag's collection of historic reproduction flags, including the original 13 colonies flag and Union and Rebel flags. Any of their colonial or Civil War flags would be the perfect addition to a classroom, collector's display or holiday display.

  • Sports flags and banners -- Show your team spirit with a colorful NFL or MLB team flag or banner for your home or business. Be sure to add one of their tangle-free poles so everyone can see your team colors even on windy days.

  • Military flags and novelties -- All the branches of the service are well represented with their new military car flags and traditional indoor and outdoor flags, handheld flags, magnets and lapel pins.

Whether your kids need a California, Texas or Florida state flag for a school project or you want a Jolly Rodger pirate flag to adorn your new boat, Armstrong has it. From historic Rebel flags, emblem of Southern pride, to the flags of the world, Armstrong has flags from everywhere, for every occasion.

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