Organic products for your bed, bath, body and home

Make a healthier choice for your family when you shop the modern organic products at Janice's. Natural choices reduce allergens and irritants, bringing a breath of fresh air into your daily life.

What's Inside:

  • Naturally pure organic bedding - Sleep in comfort and health in soft and warm organic cotton sheets, blankets and comforters. Their collection of organic cotton sheets and pillows and other natural bedding, including organic barrier mattress and pillow protectors, will have you drifting off into healthy sleep, night after night.

  • Comfortable organic clothing - From all cotton underwear and bras to soft cotton tees, pants and sweats, the comfort of organic clothing will keep you relaxed and healthier no matter what your day brings.

  • Gentle organic bath products - Take a natural approach to beauty when you choose organic shampoo, conditioner and soap from Janice's organic and natural skin care product line and hair care collection. All products fragrance free for those with sensitivities.

  • Safer natural cleaners - Clean your home without using dangerous chemicals when you order non-toxic natural or organic cleaning supplies from Janice's. Cleaning products are one of the most common sources of toxic fumes and residue in homes -- choosing natural or organic cleaning supplies reduces your family's exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals in every room in your house.

  • Air and water purifiers - Air and water are our most basic needs, but all too often they're also a source of allergens, contamination and toxins. Make the air and water in your home safe, pure and clean with Janice's selection of water and air purifiers.

  • Organic mattresses - Start your day with a good night's sleep on an organic mattress set. You'll sleep better and awake free from the congestion caused by off-gassing and other airborne contaminants found in commercial mattress sets.

  • Natural house wares for your natural home - From reusable organic cotton coffee filters to unscented candles, travel bags and cutting boards, Janice's has the little things to make every room just a little healthier.

A healthier lifestyle is important to you --- and it's important to the people at Janice's. From natural and organic bath products,, to safer choices for cleaning, a new take on home care products is waiting for you.