Hydro-Fit Aquatic Fitness Gear

Get fit in the water with aquatic exercise equipment

Hydro-Fit is the leader in aquatic therapy resources.

What's Inside:
  • Aquatic exercise equipment -- Enjoy the health benefits of water aerobics and aquatic therapy exercises with water dumbbells, buoyancy vests and other water aerobics equipment designed to increase muscle fitness using the water's own resistance.

  • Aqua therapy equipment -- Reduced joint impact and the additional range of motion made possible by water's buoyancy are just two of the reasons aquatic therapy is so effective for so many types of injuries and disabilities. Hydro-Fit Aquatic Fitness Gear has the tools you need to make aqua therapy exercise more effective. The right aquatic exercise equipment makes all the difference, and they have the right high quality buoyancy noodles, belts and water aerobics weights for all fitness and ability levels.

  • Aquatic shoes --
  • Stay on safe footing in and out of the water with non-slip water aerobic shoes designed to make your aquatic exercise routines safer. Each shoe is made to function as well in the pool as on the deck, ensuring that aquatic therapy workouts stay safe.

  • Commercial hydro-therapy and water aerobics exercise equipment and storage -- Store your exercise equipment for water aerobics and aqua-therapy classes in sturdy poolside or indoor racks. Keep all your aquatic fitness supplies organized, clean and accessible between classes in their affordable stationary or rolling racks made just for storing aquatic therapy resources.

For the best in aquatic exercise equipment, weights, and aquatic fitness footwear, check out the leader in water exercise gear: Hydro-Fit Aquatic Fitness Gear