Hearing enhancement devices from hearing impaired telephones to personal amplifiers

Providing tools and accessories that make daily lives and daily hearing easier. Soundbytes line of hearing enhancement devices include telephones for the hard of hearing, hearing aid batteries and accessories, BlueTooth devices, visual alerting systems and more.

What's Inside:
  • Telephones for the hearing impaired - Enjoy hearing every word when someone calls your home phone with a fantastic selection of specialty phones for the hearing impaired. Adjust and customize the volume and clarity of every conversation to suit your hearing loss with their amplified phones. Featuring innovative hearing impaired telephones including cordless phones, speaker phones and voice enhancing phones.

  • Hearing enhancement devices - Besides their impressive selection of hearing impaired telephones and cell phones, find a huge supply of hearing impaired devices that will completely improve your standard of living. Find personal amplification devices for cell phones and TVs, plus large button devices for phones, watches and clocks. Choose from wireless doorbells, personal sound amplifiers, white noise machines to mask unwanted noise or a wireless Blue Parrot headset so you can move around your house while you talk on the phone without sacrificing clarity of sound!

  • Cell phone accessories - Featuring an unrivaled selection of cell phones and text pagers for people battling hearing loss, find TTY compatible cell phones, hearing aid compatible cell phones, text cell phones and more. Soundbytes also carries a great selection of deaf pagers and cell phones, including the Blackberry Pearl phone, LG Shine cell phone, the N-Gage and the RAZR, all at unbelievably low prices. Enjoy an easy to attach cell phone amplifier that will improve conversations up to 24 or 30dB!

  • Accessories for the hearing impaired - Find a wide selection of accessories to keep your hearing impaired devices in perfect working order. From hearing aid maintenance to cochlear implant accessories, you'll find hearing aid lubricants and batteries, ear plugs, telephone ear cushions, battery chargers and more. You'll also find a variety of educational accessories, toys, books and software at Soundbytes. Pick up an ASL dictionary whether you're learning sign language, or just brushing up.
Carrying a complete selection of products for people dealing with hearing loss. Trust Soundbytes to offer everything you'll need for communication, safety and total peace of mind.