A revolutionary sleep system - the best latex & memory foam mattress

Dormia® memory foam mattress products are made by Advanced Comfort®, a company dedicated to improving the quality of your sleep. Dormia mattresses are high-end, luxury mattresses, designed to be the best mattress you've ever owned.

Dormia is a leader in modern sleep technology and their foam mattresses are designed to be a comfortable, luxurious, healthy alternative to traditional innerspring systems.

What's Inside:
Their Visco-Elastic Memory Foam is temperature sensitive, molding to a person's body, cradling them in comfort and support.

Dormia's latex foam mattress and memory foam beds both meet the highest standards of manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Isn't it time you traded your uncomfortable old bed for a soft, supportive memory foam mattress or latex foam mattress? Both the memory foam and foam latex bed choices are a great value with easy financing, home delivery, and a 25-year warranty.