Taino Pharmacy

Great prices on medicines, nutrition, home health and beauty products

Fill your medicine chest and pantry with over the counter drugs, famous brand health and beauty care products. Plus save with the Taino Pharmacy coupon code.

What's Inside:
  • Medicine Chest Necessities - Fill your medicine chest with the health care products and otc drugs you should always have on hand. Taino Pharmacy carries analgesics to treat all your family's aches and pains, from famous brands like Tylenol, Excedrin, Doan's and Bayer, as well as topical over the counter antibiotics like Bacitracin and motion sickness Dramamine pills. They have the pain relievers, arthritis relief, aspirin, energy boosters, menstrual discomfort caplets and fever reducers that you should never be without.

  • Home Health Care and Nutrition Products - You will love how easy it is to order otc drugs and home health care products from Taino at iShopOTC. You'll love the great savings, too. Find mobility products like crutches, canes, cushions, grab bars and walkers as well as everything you need for wound care. You will enjoy the convenience of ordering sterile dressings, first aid products and ostomy supplies online. They have hundreds of products, from colorful cast covers to replacement electrodes. Stock up on nutrition food extract capsules, herbal tea products, popular weight control and appetite suppressant products.

  • Beauty, Bath and Hair Care - They are sure to have your favorite brands of beauty and bath products, with great prices on products from L'Oreal, Neutrogena, Revlon, Gillette and Garnier. Stock up on Dial hand soap, Clean & Clear acne treatment, Calgon bath bubbles and Dove face lotion. You will find all of the facial creams, body lotions and bath products you need to pamper yourself from head to toe every day. Shower gel, bath bars, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hand sanitizer and soothing body moisturizer you will find it all here in one convenient online pharmacy.

  • Baby and Children Products - Busy parents appreciate the convenience of ordering baby care products online, and nothing could be simpler than having disposable diapers, breastfeeding supplies and baby ointments, lotions and cleansers delivered to your door. You will appreciate the large selection of Gerber items, including pacifiers, latex bottles, BPA free infant spoons and Johnson & Johnson baby oil and baby powder. They also have electrolyte formula, teething pain gel and well baby supplies.

  • Stock up for Household and Laundry Chores - They have more than over the counter drugs at Taino Pharmacy. Move to the household products aisle online and you will find the paper products, laundry detergents and household disinfectants and cleansers that you count on to get your cleaning chores done. Whether you prefer your household cleaners in wipes, aerosols, scouring powders or liquids, you will find it here. With the big names in household products like Tide, Clorox, Drano, Swiffer and Febreze, you will be able to keep your cleaning supplies well stocked. They even have pest control products from Raid. If eco-friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable products are important to your family, you will love the selection of Seventy Generation laundry detergent, dish soap and disinfecting cleaners.
Taino Pharmacy is also the otc drugs store for your pets. They carry Cosequin chews and capsules for dogs and cats, as well as flea and tick treatments to keep your pets healthy and pest free.