Violife LLC

Stay germ free with UV sanitizers, electric toothbrushes and replacement tips

Stay fabulous with stylish manual/sonic toothbrushes and discover what a high-tech ultraviolet toothbrush can help do for your health!
Violife LLC (formerly known as Violight) has removed the bulk and added some flare to some decade's old beauty and health devices. These light-weight and portable items are just ideal for the travel junkie or the happy gift giver. Shop our fun manual/sonic toothbrushes; our never before seen toothbrush sanitizers or many of our other fun products in the Violife LLC catalog with this attractive coupon code savings.

What's Inside:
  • Great Design and Function - Violife LLC teamed with famous designer Philippe Starck to design a countertop sanitizer that looked as sleek and contemporary as it was effective. With that inspiration, they added UV products for oral care, UV cell phone sanitizer and travel toothbrush holders, denture and mouth guard cleaners and many other gadgets that get high marks on both form and function.

  • High Tech Ultraviolet Sanitizers - Fight bacteria in your bathroom and home with high tech gadgets from the VIOlife catalog. You will depend on the countertop UV sanitizer to kill 99.9% of the germs on your toothbrushes, and the travel safe sanitizer for when you - and your toothbrush - are on the road. The Zapi LUXE UV sanitizers add a touch of whimsy with fun character designs to your bathroom while working hard to keep your family healthy. Denture, retainer, night guard and mouth guard users will depend on the UV dental spa to clean and sanitize oral gear.

  • Sonic and Manual Toothbrushes - You will love the fashionable electric toothbrushes in funky colors and patterns for the slim sonic classic line or slim sonic destinations series. Add the traveler case to carry along your replacement brushes. Kids will brush with enthusiasm with their rockee toothbrush in fun animal face designs and the bobee basketball toothbrush that has a compact head, soft bristles and an ergonomic handle that is perfect for little hands.

  • Powered Toothbrush Refills and Accessories - It is always easy to order new tooth wand heads, slim replacement brushes, VIO100 UV bulbs and polishing pastes using the Violife LLC coupon code for savings on all your oral care refills. Add a UV dental spa ac adapter and travel case to your on-the-go items so that you are never without the peace of mind knowing your mouth and dental care items are clean, germ free and ready to use.
Good health and good design go hand-in-hand with the UV sanitizers for your oral care items. Every product in the Violife LLC catalog, from their toothbrushes to counter top sanitizers, looks as attractive on your bathroom vanity as a museum design caliber gadget for everyday living.