The Y Catalog - Yoga

Clothing and supplies for your Yoga lifestyle

Expand your mind and enhance your body with hand selected items from the most highly regarded manufacturers in the yoga industry.

What's Inside:

Comfortable yoga clothing -- Your routine will be more productive when you're wearing soft, flexible yoga clothes from The Y Catalog. From warm yoga jackets to stretchable pants, their selection of yoga apparel is designed to make every move comfortable.


PVC free yoga mats -- Choose from the best selection of PVC free yoga mats online. Their jute and natural rubber yoga mats provide a soft and stable non-slip platform for all your yoga and Pilates exercises. Yoga straps coordinate with the mats, and colorful bags allow you to carry or store it all neatly away between workouts. The people at the Y catalog select only the best yoga mats for your comfort and health.


Spiritually focused jewelry -- Focus your energy with goddess, angel and chakra jewelry. Each beautifully beaded piece is designed to enhance your spiritual energy. Choose a lovely chakra necklace to align your energy path, a prosperity necklace to increase success energy, or a love necklace to celebrate love and affection on all levels. Each of their goddess bracelets, and goddess and chakra necklaces contains the stones and symbols most favorably associated with your specific needs and direction. Choose the one best for your life path.


Yoga instruction videos and CD's -- Beginners and advanced students of yoga will benefit from a new yoga DVD or other material from The Y Catalog's audio and video collection. Whether you choose a book on CD by renowned wellness author Andrew Weil, a Shakti yoga instructional video, or a CD of soothing music to accompany your yoga practice, you will learn something new from each and every one of their carefully selected offerings.


Spa products -- Pamper your body with natural spa products from the leaders in holistic skin care. Choose from trusted manufacturers like Benedetta and Buddha Nose.


In The Y Catalog you will find only the highest quality yoga mats,clothing, instructional materials and spa supplies And because 10% of every dollar goes to selected charities and service organizations, you will also make an impact on the world in which we live with every dollar you spend. From yoga clothes for men, women and babies, to yoga and pilates mats, powerful chakra jewelry,and other yoga products, The Y Catalog is striving to make your life better each and every day.