Here A square shower drain is easy to install
Square Shower Drain - Tile Depot

A square shower drain adds beauty and ease

Install a simple square shower drain in your shower and eliminate the need for pesky little screws when you have to remove it. The variety of shower drain finishes from Tile Depot makes it easy to choose the perfect square drain for your shower.

  • Match any bathroom decor - It doesn't matter what color or style your shower is. There's a square shower drain that will match or enhance it.... read more

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More About Square Shower Drain - Tile Depot:

You'll find copper, pewter, brass, polished chrome and nickel among the many classic finishes.

  • Heavy duty and easy to remove - Not only is your shower drain durable, color fast and easy to care for, but when you need to remove it, you won't have to hunt around for tiny screws. Instead, enjoy the convenience of a grate puller, which you put away when not needed. Just place it on the drain and the grate puller slips it right out.

  • Square drains are simple to install - A square shower drain is much easier to install. With no rounded edges to cut around, any cuts you make are straightforward and quick.

  • Find the right square shower drain for your bathroom and save yourself precious time and money.

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