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BulbAmerica is the Professional's lighting source for high quality light fixtures and lighting supplies paired with competitive pricing.

  • Light Bulbs - The philosophy at BulbAmerica is simple: If it lights, they have it. Discover an extensive inventory featuring over 18,750 premium lighting products in stock, available in your preferred wattage, voltage, shape, base, type or color. From basic screw in bulbs and plug ins to miniature, colored, HID, incandescent bulbs and fluorescents, Bulb America will help you see the light with a vast selection of affordable options that will satisfy all of your lighting needs. Shop by bulb type or by brand from the top leaders in the industry including Osram, Philips, GE Lighting, Verilux, Satco, Ushio and others.

  • LED Lighting - Join the LED lighting revolution by embracing LED lighting products that are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs that waste endless amounts of energy by producing heat and UV light. Shop and save money with cool LED lighting supplies including LED bulbs, LED strips, controllers and power supplies, par cans LED lights, stage and studio LEDs, outdoor LED lighting, consumer LED devices, and more LED products and accessories that will help you save cash while saving the environment.

  • Fixtures - From exquisite chandeliers to floor lamps and night lights, BulbAmerica brings you an impressive assortment of light fixtures to illuminate your home or office, business, stage or studio. Choose from pendant lighting and track lighting, wall lights and close to ceiling lights as well as desk lamps, table lamps, kitchen lighting and outdoor lighting options to keep your exteriors safe and all aglow.

  • Stage Lighting - Bulb America proudly serves American Universities as well as Broadway Theatrical Productions and VIP nightclubs across the country with a star-studded selection of lighting supplies for the stage. Light up the night with follow spots and ellipsodials, par cans and party lights as well as DJ light stands, outdoor projectors and search lights, dimmer packs, controllers, and a wide selection of mood enhancing lighting effects that range from fog and bubble machines to scanners and strobes.

  • Accessories - Find everything you need to keep your lights burning bright with an arsenal of lighting accessories that are always in stock and ready to ship. Stock up on lighting cables and adapters, switches, dimmers and timers, batteries, wall plates, chain switches, lamp starters and sockets, ballasts, fuses, gobos, controllers, and even more affordable electrician's essentials.
Since 2003, BulbAmerica has served as the largest provider of premium lighting fixtures for a vast variety of US markets, featuring general lighting products and accessories as well as specialty lighting supplies that range from energy efficient lighting to automotive and aviation specific lights, stage and studio lighting, incandescent bulbs, and so much more.

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