Custom Home - Mailboxes & Address Plaques

Upgrade your home with a customized mail box, door knockers and exterior accessories

Give your home more curb appeal with exterior design elements from Custom Home Accessories.

What's Inside:

  • Start with a home mail box - All home improvements don't have to be expensive. Something as simple as choosing a new look for your home mail box can make a difference in the exterior appeal of your home. Choose from several mailbox designs, including decorative mail boxes that are wall mounted or post mounted, to give your home the look of a private estate. The mailbox post designs are extensive, as are the wall mounts and pedestal mounts, so you can either upgrade your current style or go for a totally new look. If you like the look of rural mail boxes, you'll find those here too.

  • Beautiful Address Plaques - Do you just assume people know where your house is? Make it easy for new guests and the mailman to find you with new house address numbers that stand out. If you have frequent dinner guests, they'll appreciate lighted house numbers that make your house easy to find. Add decorative house numbers to a newly painted exterior or as a final touch to your landscaping.

  • Don't forget the little things - People often focus on big projects in home renovation, but it's the little touches that make a project complete - like engraved door knockers. Choose an engravable door knocker from polished chrome or ever classic brass, and be amazed at the elegance such a relatively small feature adds to your door. For the garden, a terra cotta hose pot is a nice way to keep your hose out of sight while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

  • Keep your mail secure in a locking mailbox - Some renovations are about curb appeal, others are about improved efficiency and safety. You can achieve all three with locking mail boxes that keep your mail secure with style. Many of the decorative mail boxes at Custom Home Accessories also offer security: choose from a wide selection of locking mail boxes, or a security mail box with limited access to dropped in mail.

  • Adorn your roof - Topping your roof with a style element is yet another often-overlooked way to add interest to your home's exterior. Rooster weathervanes, copper rooftop finials and cupolas are graceful touches that you can add to the roof of your home to draw the eye upward and dress your home up.
Custom Home Accessories features mailbox post designs, house number plaques and more, all designed to give your home that finishing touch.

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