Pegasus Lighting

Lighting for Home - Ceiling fixtures, sconce fixtures, LED, recessed and cove lighting for home

Pegasus Lighting features a unique selection of lighting products, from lighting ceiling fixtures to sconce, cabinet and undercabinet lighting and more radiant lighting fixtures for home.

What's Inside:
  • Lighting fixtures for home - If you're searching for the perfect lighting fixtures for home use, Pegasus Lighting features a glowing selection at prices that cannot compare. Whether you're shopping for bedroom lighting, undercabinet lighting for the kitchen, bathroom lights, lighting ceiling fixtures, outdoor patio lights, sconce lighting fixtures or soft accent lighting, Pegasus Lighting has hundreds of quality light fixtures online and in stock for every room.

  • Lighting ceiling fixtures - Pegasus Lighting features a variety of lighting for home use including ceiling lights that range from fluorescent and incandescent to linear, circular, Energy Star lighting ceiling fixtures, LED and flush mount ceiling fixture lighting that will enhance, warm and brighten any home.

  • Cabinet & Under cabinet Lighting - Light the inside of your cabinets as well as the underside with Pegasus Lighting's collection of specialty lighting fixtures. Add inside lights to your cabinets for easy viewing, or illuminate from underneath with over 25 different types of Xenon, LED and fluorescent under cabinet light fixtures online that are linkable, low-profile and energy-efficient, all from Pegasus Lighting.

  • LED Lighting Systems - Enjoy beautiful color, high efficiency and eco-friendly technology with a variety of LED lighting fixtures and systems from Pegasus Lighting. Choose from LED lights for your cabinets, LED under cabinet lighting, closet LED light fixtures online, barbeque lighting, night lights, outdoor lights, work lights and more energy saving lighting options.

  • Lighting accessories for home - Pegasus Lighting covers all of the lighting basics, bringing you quality lighting fixtures for home, as well as the accessories you need to control and maintain all of your lighting systems. Keep those lights shining as bright or as dim as you want them to with dimmers and lighting controls for easy light management. You'll also find LED drivers for LED lighting systems, filters, transformers and light bulbs for sconce lighting fixtures, black lights, fluorescents, halogens and more.
Whether you need under cabinet lighting for when you're cooking in the kitchen, LED lighting systems for the deck, sconce lighting fixtures for home hallway or cove lighting to illuminate the dining room, you can enjoy shopping conveniently by room, lighting fixture or lighting fixture use from the long list of fixture lighting for your home, featured at Pegasus Lighting.