Safety Tools for at home safety - Protective safety apparel and gloves, first aid kits, fire safety and more

Since 1993, CriticalTool has protected their customers with a critically acclaimed selection of safety tools for on-the-job and at-home safety, from first aid and safety apparel to fire safety gear and more.

Safety Tools - CriticalTool provides workers with a wide range of safety tools and equipment that will keep them productive while on the job, efficient and most of all, safe. Whether you're performing a major household renovation or working under the hood of your car, CriticalTool provides everything from disposable gloves to ear plugs, first-aid and safety apparel, safety glasses, knee and elbow pads and more.


First Aid and Safety - An accident can happen at any moment. You'll feel more secure knowing that you're prepared for any danger that comes your way with a complete supply of first aid on hand. Choose from complete first aid kits and refills, CPR kits and supplies, medical gloves, lab coats, eye wash solutions, burn kits, safety respirators and other important safety precaution items.


Safety Apparel - Protect yourself with high-tech safety apparel that will cover every inch of your body, from quality helmets to cover your head to shatter-proof safety glasses to protect sensitive eyes. You'll also be able to stock up on reflective jackets, vests and hard hats that will help you remain highly visible without blending into high-risk work environments.


Fire Safety Products - Fire protection is critical to the safety of any home or work environment. Find a selection of fire safety products including specialty fire extinguishers that will extinguish any accidental flame in seconds. You'll also find fire extinguisher safety cabinets that will store your fire safety products in top shape until you need them.


Disposable Safety Tools - Fill your safety equipment cabinets with disposable products such as latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves, CriticalTool's selection of lab coats and lab jackets, disposable coveralls and shoe covers and their special line of ear plugs that will protect at all levels of noise and are compliant with nearly every environment.


Shop for a premium selection of safety tools from first aid and safety apparel to gloves and glasses that will protect your hands and eyes from irreversible harm. When it comes to remaining safe while performing dangerous work whether at home or on the jobsite, CriticalTool is your first and last stop for all of your safety needs.

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