Space Savers

An organized home is a happy home with kids storage ideas to dresser organizers and more

When it comes to total home organization, Space Savers cleans shop. Featuring kids storage ideas to keep those toys sorted, a dresser organizer so you'll never lose another sock, garage storage cabinets that will give you room to actually park your car in the garage, plus kitchen organizers, bath organizers, office organizers and more!

What's Inside:
  • Kids storage ideas - Your children have more toys than they can play with, and they're all over the living room floor! What's a Mom to do? Find kids storage ideas and a handy dandy toy organizer from Space Savers that will keep those toys safe and stored when they're not being played with. Choose from toy storage systems featuring Fuzzy Totes, Flip-N-Stack storage baskets, Magic Cubes, toy chests, folding storage bins and other space saving toy organizers.

  • Dresser organizer - Your underwear drawer has gotten out of control. Choose a dresser organizer that will keep those dresser drawers neat and tidy. Find drawer organizers that are perfect for organizing your deeper drawers, or dresser drawer dividers to keep things separated. Organize your vanity or dressing area with four compartment organizers that keep your daily items easy to see and grab (ideal catch-alls if you have a habit of emptying your pockets on top of that clean dresser)!

  • Garage storage cabinets - More times than not, the garage ends up serving as a complete clutter magnet and the messiest room in the house. Roll your car into a clutter-free garage with garage storage cabinets and garage organizers that will keep items properly hidden away. From garage shelving and accessories to tool organizers, slat wall, plastic storage containers for sports and hobby equipment and more. Take pride and liberate your garage today, with Space Savers organizers on your side.

  • Closet organizers - Every woman's dream - a closet organizer that gives you twice the space your closet has now! From closet shelving to garment racks, shelf organizers to hangers and hooks. At Space Savers you can pick up a load of As Seen on TV Jumbo Space Saver Totes to maximize closet storage space while eliminating bugs, moisture and dust problems. As well as organizers, you'll also find garment care products and closet fresheners to keep your closet smelling April fresh and as clean as it looks!

  • Shoe organizer - Most women have an over abundance of shoes these days. Take advantage of closet space while keeping your shoes properly stored and out of the way with a kicking selection of shoe organizers and shoe racks from stackable shoe storage to over the door and hanging shoe systems. Store your favorite Manolo Blahniks in shoe boxes and keep them looking their best with shoe care products that will keep them sparkling and shined to perfection!
If you're on a quest for space saving scrapbooking storage, a laundry sorter, coupon organizer, locker shelf, Space Saver bags or other organizers to help give your home a clean sweep make space in your day to shop Space Savers. Leading the trend of home storage solutions for the past decade by offering thousands of innovative and practical products to help you simplify and organize every area of your home and office, start saving space with Space Savers.