How to choose a boyfriend watch

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boyfriend watch
Masculine design for a woman
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Inspired by menswear, the boyfriend watch is the latest style for women

Women aren't shy about "borrowing" some of the stylishly tailored and relaxed closet staples from a manís closet. The boyfriend jean and jacket renewed enthusiasm, reminding ladies everywhere how good it feels when his clothes look better on you. The blazer, tie and over-sized cardigan pair well with lacey shirts and bold dresses, and we know it. 

Itís about time we expanded these efforts into the accessories department. With a thick band and over-sized case, the boyfriend watch has masculine features that contrast perfectly with the female body. Ladies, you have countless styles to choose from at almost every price point.

If your boyfriend is tired of asking where his watch is, itís probably time to get your own. As watches typically cost more than many other types of accessories, this requires some shopping around. Donít buy on impulse as you may find something you love more right around the corner.

The first step is to determine your price point. Figure out how much you want to spend and donít look at designs that go higher. Know what elements to expect and not to expect at your price point.

Less than $200 Ė Sport and fashion watches often cost less than $200. The materials include some resin and plastic composites, and the base is made of metal. Sporty watches will be at least partially water-resistant, large and have thick hands that reflect light.

$200 to $600 Ė You can find a great automatic casual watch for under $600. These may have mineral glass, stainless steel, titanium and leather.

$600 to $1000 Ė Formal and designer mechanical watches usually start around $600 and go up into the thousands.

The second step to choosing the perfect boyfriend watch is about style selection. The main categories are dressy, casual, sporty and designer. Both dress and casual styles will have bold markings and thick hands inside of a thin, simple case. Often these are made from gold, but you also see them in silver.

As you browse styles take note of the brands you like. Search for reviews to see how the watch holds up. You can also ask friends what they like and dislike about their watches. Important traits you canít see are durability and accuracy over time.

If itís supposed to be water-resistant, post questions on a forum to find out if it really is. This is an easy quality to set aside when youíre falling in love with a certain style, but if you get caught in the rain you need to make sure it wonít break.

Go to a store and try a few on. Some will feel like a funky bracelet, like those with a rubber band and vibrant case. Metal bands offer a more classic look if youíre interested in dressy or formal styles.

These gentlemen-inspired time pieces are over-sized by design, but there are different degrees to choose from. If youíre petite, consider a style in which the band is thinner than the case. Itíll feel lighter on your wrist and accentuate the masculine features without dwarfing your wrist.

The lifespan of any significant accessory largely depends on how well you care for it. That said, some materials hold up better over time and withstand wear and tear much better than others. If youíre looking for something to wear for decades rather than a year or two while the trend is in season, consider the components carefully.

  • Mechanical ones are most expensive because they last a lifetime and possibly longer. These are pieces that get passed down for generations. 
  • Both mechanical and automatic styles require professional maintenance and cleaning about every three years. 
  • Metal bands like titanium and steel last longer than rubber and leather, and are more versatile if you plan to wear it in a business and social environment.  

While the boyfriend watch was born from the trend of women claiming and tweaking masculine styles, itís not the kind of trend that will look strange in a few seasons. This style can look classic and sophisticated, funky and fashion forward or sleek and modern, depending on how you wear it. Once you find one you love, do remind your man that clothing and accessory ďborrowingĒ is not a two-way street. 


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