Canadian diamond rings

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Festivities and diamonds make a great pairing
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Conflict-free and radiant, Canadian diamonds are second to none.

Most everyone is aware of the huge mining industry in Africa, but little is known about the diamond mines tucked away in the Canadian Northwest Territory. The diamonds lay hidden in the Canadian artic until discovered in the last century.  Two mines, the EKATI and Diavik, are now in operation and are believed to practice some of the most progressive mining operations in the world. Conflict and turmoil free, the Canadian diamond mines take a comprehensive approach to being responsible stewards of the environment and indigenous populations of the Northwest Territory.

The EKATI and Diavik mines produce some of the world's most beautiful Canadian diamond rings. Each diamond is certified for quality and origin and comply with the strict guidelines of the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct - giving you peace of mind that your diamond is free from violence and human rights abuses.

So what characteristics do you look for when determining which Canadian diamond ring you wish to purchase for either yourself or a loved one? Here are the 4 C's to picking the perfect diamond.

  1. Cut - determines how well the diamond reflects the light to reveal its unique luster and shine. A superior cut does not refer to a diamond's shape, but its symmetry, proportion and polish. When properly cut, a diamond's brilliance and rainbow of colors are greatly enhanced.
  2. Color - refers to the natural color of the diamond itself, not how the diamond flashes in the light. Traces of yellow, brown and gray are elements of nitrogen found within a diamond when it was forming. The less color found in a diamond, the better the quality and value.
  3. Clarity - refers to the purity of diamonds. Are there blemishes, microscopic foreign material or small cracks trapped in the diamond?
  4. Carat - determines the weight and size of the diamond. It is the most visibly apparent feature when looking for a diamond.

And here is a 5th consideration outside of the 4 C's.  There are also several diamond shapes to choose from - each as individualistic as you are. When choosing pieces of jewelry, such as Canadian diamond rings, consider your gift recipient's unique taste. Choose from shapes such as pear, heart, round, oval, marquise, and emerald cuts. Make an impression that will last a lifetime!

Occasions to give that special someone diamonds:

What better way to surprise someone than on their birthday? You can give the gift of diamonds to your sister, mother, wife or daughter to let them know their day is special.

Engagements: Guys, imagine her surprise when she opens the gift box to reveal a sparkling diamond meant just for her. Canadian diamond rings say, "She deserves the best."

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are a reminder of a couple's commitment to each other. Whether you are celebrating your 1st or your 50th anniversary, the gift of a diamond comes from the heart. 

Holidays: Christmas and Valentines Day are two of the biggest holidays to give Canadian diamond rings as a gift. The Christmas season is festive, filled with joy and a time to be with the ones you love. Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and a natural for giving a  diamond ring to the one who holds your heart.
Mother's Day: And don't forget to show mom appreciation. Diamonds let mom know that her years of devotion and caring did not go unnoticed.

Conflict-free and environmentally responsible, Canadian diamond rings are the natural choice when searching for the perfect gift. Hidden away in the Canadian artic until the last century, these diamonds are second to none in beauty, luster and quality.

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