Designer sunglasses for men

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black Ray Ban sunglasses
Classic Ray Ban sunglasses look great and protect your eyes from UV rays year-round.
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Find sunglasses for men in classic styles by designer brands.

Designer sunglasses not only protect eyes from harmful UV rays, they compliment your facial features and shape. If you’re in the market for a pair of designer sunglasses for men, keep in mind that this is one fashion accessory you will wear year-round. Designer glasses are more of an investment, but you do get quality in return. Make your investment last longer by choosing a classic style and curb the urge to buy a crazy color for your ‘back-up’ pair.

Designer sunglasses for men range in price from $80 to $150 and up. Bargain hunters have the best chance of scoring a deal when shopping on holidays with major retail sales like Labor Day, Black Friday and the day after Christmas. As sunglasses never go out of season, it’s harder to find them on sale otherwise.

Note that a number of reliable websites sell designer sunglasses for men, often for a discount. If you’re street shopping, however, question the authenticity of those Christian Dior glasses, especially if the logo rubs off, or your ‘great deal’ may come apart on the drive home.

Classic Designer Sunglass Styles for Men

Aviator Glasses – Aviator glasses are characterized by tear drop-shaped frames and tinted shades similar to the flying goggles Ray Ban sold to the Air Force in the 1940s.  Tom Cruise brought this style back to fame with Ray Bans Wayfarer in the 1986 movie “Top Gun”, and the style has been a classic since. Aviator glasses work well with casual and business attire. For a classic look with a bit of color, try a Gunmetal or silver frame with gray gradient lens.

Rimless – Gucci, Armani and Versace are a few name brands that make rimless sunglasses. With oval or rectangular lenses, this style offers a more subtle look for men who want sunglasses that look less prominent. It’s important to note that rimless glasses break easily as there’s no frame surrounding the lenses. Wear rimless glasses with business or casual wear, but avoid playing sports in them.

Plastic Frames – Designer sunglasses with plastic frames come in every variety of shapes and colors. Burberry, D&G and Giorgio Armani make plastic frames in the following color combinations: violet frames with gray lenses, white frames with gray lenses and red frames with brown lenses, respectively. Sporty and casual, plastic frame sunglasses offer a versatile look that you can wear for years to come.

Rock Star Sunglasses - In pop culture, celebrities have a history of sporting over-sized opaque sunglasses to conceal their identity from paparazzi. This tradition led to the trendy Rock Star-style glasses for men and women. This style features large lenses with thick frames and wide ‘arms’, the moveable part that secures glasses behind the ear.

A World of Options

Walk by any sun glass shop and you’ll see walls lined with hundreds of designer sunglasses to choose from. The benefit of shopping in a brick and mortar store is that you can try on as many pairs as you wish to find just the right pair. Online shops are convenient for men who already know what they style and shape they’re looking for.

Here are typical options you’ll have in regards to frame shape, style and material:

  • Frame Shape: Aviator, Square, Oval, Round, Rectangle  
  • Frame Style: Full Rim, Semi-Rim, Rimless  
  • Frame Material: Titanium, Steel, Plastic, Metal  

If you have trouble finding a pair of sunglasses you love, bring a friend along to give you her opinion or ask a sales associate, they’re trained to explain why certain face shapes are better suited for one style over another.

Frame Shape Guide
How to Select the Right Pair of Sunglasses

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