Fashionable bra straps add bling

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black bra with fashion straps
Add style and bling to your sexiest outfits with fashionable, changable bra straps
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Who would have thought that a bra strap could be so fashionable

When the outfit is sexy, and the straps are thin...or not there at all...what do you do about your bra straps?

One alternative is the
strapless bra.  And while that eliminates the strap problem, it has a whole host of other issues like being uncomfortable, not providing enough support and of course...slipping, especially on the dance floor.

Another alternative is to replace the straps on your favorite regular bra with new decorative bra straps. Far from the bland straps that come with most bras, these fashionable bra straps come in a variety of colors, materials and designs. 

What goes with what?

If you're trying to find the right straps to go with that sexy little black dress, consider choosing a bra strap set with Austrian crystals.  The bling and glitter will set off your outfit, adding the same sort of panache as the right necklace.  Best of all, you'll get the comfort and support you need, without anyone even thinking your bra straps are showing.

For a more casual look, like with a sundress, choose straps that echo the material's design.  If you're wearing a floral patterned dress, choose straps with a similar floral design.  Or pick up on the background color of your outfit, and go for a solid or simple pattern in a cool material like silicon or a metallic.

Two is better than one

One popular look in removable, fashionable bra straps is the double strap.  Two narrow straps clearly take the look out of the realm of "your bra strap is showing" and into a playful look that's just right with a strappy tank or barely there off the shoulder sweater.

Attaching the straps

Attaching your new, more fashionable bra straps to an existing bra is easier than you think.  Check out your favorite bras to see if they have removable straps.  If they do, simply slide off the old and slide on the new for a whole new look.

If your best bras don't have removable straps, just snip off enough of the existing strap to leave about a half and inch of material front and back.  Then stitch down that piece to form a small loop.  Your new straps will slip in place. 

If your bra has wider straps, you may need create a loop from scratch.  Just select a good quality ribbon in the right width and coordinating color, and use about a half inch to create your front and back loops.  

Caring for your bra straps

It's important to remove the straps before laundering your bra. Rhinestones, silicon or metallic straps may not fare well in the washing machine.

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