How do you clean Uggs

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Ugg footwear
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How do you clean Uggs the right way after a sloppy, slippery, salty winter

Uggs are loved for their luxurious comfort and bold style, but unfortunately this stylish Austrailian footwear canít clean itself. Sheepskin is a delicate material that requires special care and attention.

While you wonít be able to prevent all stains and discolorations, familiarizing yourself with a few doís and doníts will set you in the right direction when figuring out how to get your favorite pair of boots through another rough and sloppy winter.

Learning how do you clean Uggs as simple as figuring out how to wear them. First, there are a few things to put on your ďNever DoĒ list.

These include:
  • Keep them away from heat. Itís a common habit to leave boots beside a heat register so they dry faster and feel warm and toasty next time you slide them on. Direct heat can destroy these boots though.
  • Never brush the fabric in multiple directions and always use the softer side of the fabric brush.  
  • Never throw them in a machine. Washers and dryers are not your dirty shoesí friend.   
  • Donít wash with other items. Color may bleed, either from the footwear or other items, causing the dye with discolor everything in the water.    
  • Donít soak. In addition to the glue loosening from the soles, soaking the material and inner lining will cause permanent damage.  

Preventative care

The brandís official website advises customers to treat their footwear with their own brand of water and stain repellent before the first wear. This way, should you get caught in the rain or step in a puddle, the delicate fabric will have some protection from potentially permanent stains. It takes a full 24 hours for them to dry after spraying and then youíll want to brush with a soft suede brush.

How do you clean Uggs

  1. Dampen the material with cold water by wringing out a clean cloth, but donít apply so much water that theyíre dripping wet.   
  2. Add a few drops of the brandís Cleaner and Conditioner to a moist sponge and lightly work it over the material.  
  3. Rinse off the solution in cold water.   
  4. Maintain the shape and structure by stuffing the inside of damp boots with crumpled paper. As they slowly air dry, theyíll return to the original form.  
  5. Speed the drying process by gently patting the outside with a clean towel.  

Care tips

Knowing how do you clean Uggs is only part of the equation to making your favorite footwear last for as long as possible. The other part is general care tips to help prevent the worst kinds of damage. 

Tempting as it may be to slip them on every cold winter day, wet weather is a better match for snow boots or Wellies. If you live in a city with slushie sidewalks and puddles Ė the kind trucks just love to zip through and splatter Ė go for your most waterproof footwear. 

If you're outdoorsy, you know the kinds of scrapes and nicks summer hiking can inflict on bare legs. Athletic footwear is designed to withstand the elements, Uggs are not. Wear them to hike in and theyíll get scratched and you wonít be able to remove the damage.

Invest in the brandís care kit, cleaners and deodorizers. These products are designed to treat your footwear gentle, but effectively. Off-brand products may be cheaper, but you risk using a chemical thatís too harsh and could make the damage worse.

Without a doubt, the more love you show your Ugg boots, shoes, slippers or sandals, the longer theyíll love you right back. Maintain the perfect fit and soft, warm feel by taking the time to care for them properly. Itís always good practice to treat the quality material and construction with respect.

Long live your favorite footwear!

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