How to carry an evening cane

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Dust off your top hat and strike a pose
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Here's how to carry an evening cane with style and panache

Walking canes are more than physical aids. They’re fashion accessories. Historically, they were used to signify wealth, royalty, power and even religious affiliations. They’ve also been used as secret weapons, telescopes and crafty gadgets.

A recent article in New York Magazine touted the fashionable appeal of canes. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that fedoras, pocket watches, dapper haircuts and bow ties have all graced the pages of men’s magazines over the past few years. Unlike wearable accessories, this one takes a little practice to pull off.

People today use walking canes for support, balance, stability - basically to not fall down. Before you can learn how to carry an evening cane, you have to choose one that’s right for you. Consider your height, the surfaces you’ll use it on and the types of occasions you’ll bring it to. Formal models are the best choice for weddings and other important events.


If you’re using it as a walking aid for a bad knee or other injury, remember the design is intended to help transfer weight to the forearm and wrist. They’re not meant to support the majority of your bodyweight. Also, hold it on the same side as your strong leg.

Make sure you have a solid grip and that the handle is a good size for your hand. Avoid back pain by selecting the the correct length for your height! The handle should come to your wrist and you should be able to hold it with the elbow at an easy 15 to 20 degree angle. 

Watch the breakables

Anyone who has ever carried an umbrella knows the natural tendency people have to swing around long objects. Unless you’re doing a song and dance Fred Astaire-style, refrain from elaborate swings. Otherwise you’re bound to break something or wallop someone.

Walk the walk

The best way to learn how to carry an evening cane is to practice. It’s not hard, but you need to coordinate with your weak leg (if you have a weak leg). It must move forward with the weak leg to take some of the pressure off. 

Walking with support will come naturally soon enough. Your arms probably swing with the opposite leg already, so this is just a matter of incorporating the support and getting accustomed to transferring weight.


Managing steps may be a touch intimidating at first. Take your time. As with walking, the support stick should coordinate with the weak leg. Hold the railing with your free hand for extra support. 

When going up, the good leg takes on the first step, followed by the weak leg. It’s the opposite going down. Your weak leg steps down first, followed by the good leg.

Keep it close by

Your first few times carrying one to an evening event may feel a little strange. For one, you’ll look so charming that compliments will be coming at you left and right. Also, suddenly you have this other object to keep track of. Eventually, it’ll feel like an extension of your body.

Sitting down will be a relief, but here’s the tricky part. Whether you’re enjoying a nice dinner with loved ones or celebrating a grand occasion, formal events are full of wonderful distractions. Be mindful and place yours within reach where you won’t forget it. If possible, ask someone to remind you to grab it on the way out.

Learning how to carry an evening cane isn’t difficult. Be patient with yourself and choose a model that you like the look of. If inspiration strikes, go ahead and add a top hat or pocket watch to the outfit. You can pull it off.

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