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Know how to choose a jewelry gift and she'll always remember you

Most men know that a gift of jewelry is always a good option for the special women in their lives, but few know how to choose a jewelry gift that is right for the person and the occasion. A little planning goes a long way towards finding the right type, style, stone, metal and personal touch that will make her smile.

Choosing the type of jewelry to give often depends on the occasion. Rings are symbols of love, commitment and remembrance so, in addition to engagements, they're good gifts for anniversaries and birthdays.

Necklaces are good when you want others to see the gift because they are worn in a prominent place. Because of the wide range of selections, a necklace can fit any occasion.

Earrings are also good for special occasions like rings but don't carry the symbol of commitment.

Bracelets and anklets are appropriate casual gifts and can symbolize a bond when engraved or personalized. Don't forget pins for ladies of a generation that wears them.

Once you've selected the type, it's time to think about the style of dress of the recipient. Does she wear gold or silver? Large, multi-layered necklaces or fine chains? Precious stone earrings or dangling baubles? Looking at the type of jewelry she currently wears is a reliable way to determine what she likes. This is a good time to ask a store clerk or a close friend or relative for some guidance.

If the piece will have precious stones, diamonds are an easy choice for sending a strong message of love and commitment. An easy and popular alternative is a birthstone. If you're choosing a piece of fashion jewelry, look for colors that will go with her favorite outfits and styles. Again, this is a good time to ask for help from a female friend, preferably one who will keep your gift a secret!

While stones, size and precious metals are what make jewelry special, they're also what makes it an expensive gift.

A great way to keep within your budget and still make your jewelry gift a one-of-a-kind remembrance is to personalize it. The key to personalizing is knowing the recipient. Does she have any special interests or hobbies? Jewelry items that are miniature symbols of these - like silver ballet shoe charms for a dancer - make cherished gifts that will be worn often. Necklaces or earrings in special shapes, such as hearts or doves or crosses, are appropriate symbols of love or spiritual interests. 

By far the best way to personalize a jewelry gift is to have her name on it, either by engraving, plating or stamping. Adding names to birthstones of children or grandchildren make necklaces and pins special for moms and grandmothers.Take special care when personalizing jewelry in this manner because it usually can't be returned.

Don't be intimidated - a little planning goes a long way in helping to choose a jewelry gift for the woman of your life that will make her smile when she receives it and, better yet, every time she wears it.

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