How to wear a scarf with a sweater dress

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scarf and sweater dress
Autumn glamour is a simple print and warm tones
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Here's how to wear a scarf with a sweater dress

Scarves are the Swiss army knife of accessories. They’re comfortable and comforting, keep you warm on chilly days or in enthusiastically air conditioned rooms. Stylish ones go a step further and kick any outfit into high gear.

Learn how to wear a scarf with a sweater dress and your cold weather wardrobe will take you anywhere you want to go. Sweater dresses are a handy fall and winter staple because they are so versatile. Good for lazy hanging around the house days, running errands and work, as well as date nights. They comfortable, feminine and flatter every body type. 

Style wise, putting on a sweater dress gets you off to a great start. Add a pair of leggings and boots or booties and you’re going to turn some heads, but don’t stop there. It’s time to select a statement scarf and style it right.

You can use this accessory to introduce color, contrast or texture to the ensemble. If your dress is black, go for a bold color. If the sweater is chunky, try a soft, silky one. If a solid tights and dress combo is looking a little plain, choose one with an intricate pattern, eye-catching detail or playful fringe.

Now tie it on! Hmmm … not so easy. You’re not alone. The trouble with this accessory is plenty of gals don’t know how to wear them - beyond looping it around the neck, that is. There are countless ways to wear a scarf. From casual, to sexy, to professional, here’s how to wear a scarf with a sweater dress:

Print on print

You don’t have to be a fashion genius to pull off prints, let alone prints on prints. Cold grey weather typically ushers in monochromatic fabrics and shades, but there’s no law against prints here. Quite the opposite. 

Mix your favorite girly patterned accessory with a seasonal print dress or vice versa. The tones should complement each other rather than clash or compete. When mixing, go with one small and one large print like floral and plaid, and tone it down with solid tights.

To wear, drape it around your neck and let it hang loose over the shoulders like a shawl.

Forever elegance

Infinity scarves look fabulous with structured, fitted clothes to balance the bulkier top. They work well for both formal and casual occasions. Wearing this style is basically a matter of making two loops and placing them around your neck. Tug one loop so it falls slightly lower and looser than the top loop.

This intricate placement brings elegance to a simple long-sleeved sweater dress. Finish the look with boots and a necklace that hangs lower than the scarf. 

With a low neckline

Why wear a dress with a deep neckline if you’re going to cover it up? To keep you warm, of course. And it adds sophistication with a casual nod to French flair.

This works best with a thin knit dress with a deep scoop or V-neck. Loop a long, lightweight drape around your neck once and drape one end behind your shoulder and the other in front on the same side. This way you’re emphasizing rather than covering your front while keeping the neck warm. Win-win.

Pin it on

Professionals can add a little drama to the plainest dress with a brooch or pin. For this to work best you need a wide, thick scarf. The material shouldn’t be too precious since you’ll be poking a hole through it.

Wrap it so it sits snug over and around your shoulders without constricting the arms. Overlap the two ends on an angle to the side or center front and fasten with an over-sized pin. For a sleek look, choose a dress and drape in the same color so the pin really pops.

Learning how to wear a scarf with a sweater dress shows how fun and simple cold weather fashion is. Now bring on the falling leaves and pumpkin-flavored everything.

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