Jewelry for halter dress

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classic halter dress
The classic halter top, made scandalously popular by screen siren Marilyn Monroe.
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Halt traffic with your dazzling halter dress and fabulous jewelry

Nothing says sophistication and elegance quite like a halter dress. Bare shoulders, bare upper back, exposed arms, as well as the plunging neckline draws attention to your skin as well as your cleavage.

Halter dresses surfaced in the 1930s, the preference of glamorous, trend-setting movie stars, who didn't mind showing off some flesh, yet still leaving something to the imagination. The popularity of the halter dress went viral in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe posed provocatively while wearing a halter dress, standing over a heat grate, showing an expanse of legs and panties as the air gushed beneath her.

Halter dresses are hot for Spring and Summer every year, featured at boutiques, online stores, in catalogs and in department stores. To show off your halter dress to its best advantage, pick the proper jewelry. Consider accessorizing with bold bracelets that you can pile on your wrist. Lustrous glass and beaded layers with a primitive feel to them make an interesting combination. Silver and gold finishes from  a collection of mix-and-match stretch bracelets are also a good choice.

On your opposite arm, wear a contrasting bracelet, like an adjustable cuff bracelet. Switch it up and wear the cuff on your bicep rather than on your wrist. This is the ideal jewelry for your halter dress, particularly if you are feeling a little edgy. A bronze-plated, gently hammered metal has a whisper of texture and a suggestion of gypsy allure to it.

Choose dramatic earrings that augment your look. Spiral shells that sparkle with colored rhinestones, set in an etched, golden metal, are an great choice. A constellation of dimpled glass pearls or other stones that dangle also perfectly complement a halter dress.

Top off your halter dress with a crocheted triangle wrap; a finely-knit shawl that boasts detailed craftsmanship that will keep you cozy on a cool night and be just the right finishing touch for a feminine halter dress.

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