What makes jewelry special

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Personlized jewelry is the best kind
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Monograms and engravings help make jewelry special for the wearer

If the person who gave you a piece of jewelry is someone you love this makes the item unique. A child can give his mother a cigar band as a ring and she will treasure it forever. Something handed down to you by a parent or a grandparent is a beloved item.

What makes jewelry special is a combination of personal sentiment and taste that suits the wearer.

Your favorite piece may not be expensive but it reminds you of someone you cherish. That is the best kind of accessory. It is not the dollar value that matters to most people; it is the thought behind the gift that is valued.

There are various ways to customize jewelry, making it special.

For example, a charm bracelet with your children or grand-children's names on each charm is something every mother or grandmother holds near and dear to her heart.

A monogrammed items makes it crystal clear the piece is yours and someone went out of his way to have it personalized for you.

A necklace replete with birthstones is one way of customizing a piece, making it singular. Incorporating birthstones into a piece is a sure-fire way to create an extraordinary item the recipient with treasure forever.

Necklaces with an engraved passage -- I love you to the moon and back -- ensure an item is one of a kind.

Consider a gift for your mother-in-law featuring the engraved passage: Thank you for raising the girl of my dreams. That is guaranteed to win her over.

If your family has a favorite quote or motto or saying particular to them (perhaps an inside family joke) this can be hand-stamped on a piece of silver and fashioned into a necklace or another piece. Everyone will get a kick out of dad's favorite saying stamped onto mom's necklace.

In addition to personalization and engraving there are other things that make jewelry special.

Jewelry that was purchased in a favorite store or at a vacation spot can be special, especially if the city holds sentimental meaning, like the place you became engaged, or where you spent your 16th birthday.

Gemstones can add meaning to necklaces, rings and bracelets if they are selected because of what they represent or because the color has a special significance. For example, a woman of Irish heritage may cherish her emeralds. Or, someone with blue eyes may find a gift of saphires or light blue stones particularly meaningful, especially if they are given with the sentiment, "These remind me of your beautiful eyes."

Family heirlooms are often in the form of jewelry, and these are particularly meaningful. An engagement ring that has been passed from grandmother to granddaughter will always have particularly special significance and emotional value. A locket, or other vintage piece can hold generations of meaning for the wearer, as can a man's signet ring or family crest on cufflinks.

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