Why are plastic shoes popular?

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Comfort and style define these trendy shoes
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Plastic shoes are popular because they're practical, eco-friendly and recyclable

Go green and experience the ultimate in comfort from trendy plastic shoes made from today's versatile plastics. Unlike the plastics of yesteryear that were stiff, cut into your feet and caused  feet to sweat due to poor ventilation, these trendy shoes offer comfort and make a fashion statement that answers the question, "Why are plastic shoes popular?" 

Whether you are at the beach, out for a summer stroll or enjoying lunch at a sidewalk cafe, slip on a pair of cushioned plastic sandals and go in comfort. 

Plastic shoes come in a variety of styles from casual flip flops and multi-colored Crocs clogs to decorative evening wear in a variety of colors. Dress up a pair of jeans with a pair of bright red, mid heel sandals or dress down your jeans with cushioned, form fitting clogs. Either way, your feet will thank you for the ultimate in plush comfort.

There are many reasons, especially when eco-consciousness and fashion need to co-exist, that plastic shoes are popular. When purchasing a pair of plastic shoes, shop at a shoe store with a large selection, and be sure to look for some of these benefits:

  • Plastic shoes are not only trendy, but are also known as eco-friendly or "vegan" friendly (meaning they contain no animal skin or by-products). Crafted of man-made plastics, this type of footwear can be recycled. They can be discarded in the same bin as all your other household plastics! Imagine just tossing your worn out pair along with the milk jug knowing you are not adding to the landfill. 

  • Make sure your shoes are ergonomically designed for comfort, support and body alignment. "Because footwear plays such an important role in the functional biomechanics of the human body, choosing the right shoe can help eliminate pain in your back, hips, knees and feet," explains ACA (American Chiropractic Assoc.) President Richard G. Brassard. The ACA is welcoming this new trend of shoe that forms to the foot and cushions each step giving relief to joints.

  • Look for durability, flexibility, and affordability in your shoes. Is the shoe soft and pliant or rigid and stiff? Does the shoe offer an affordable alternative to traditional leather shoes and is both cost effective and long lasting?

  • For safety reasons, make sure your footwear has slip-resistant soles to get you safely across any wet or dry surface. Not only should your footwear be attractive, but they should bring you confidence as you walk across any room, climb stairs, or step out of a vehicle.

  • One feature that should not be overlooked is that plastic footwear is so easy to clean! Simply wipe with a damp cloth or throw in the dishwasher when shoes become dirty or scuffed. No need for messy polishes or special cleansers.  

Trendy plastic shoes are the wave of the future. They are economical, recyclable, durable and offer cushioned support for your legs and feet. Use them to dress up or dress down anything in your wardrobe.

Plastic footwear lets you choose from a variety of bright colors that you might not ordinarily get in traditional shoe wear. So have some fun and slip on a pair to make your own fashion statement.


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