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By Robin Becker
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Spice up your workspace by adding some art for the office!
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I went to the dentist today. As I was sitting in a chair contemplating the gruesome possibilities that could arise out of this appointment, a large sketch hanging on the waiting room wall caught my eye. It was a picture of a woman in black and white with her eyes closed and her face resting on her hands as if she were napping. The woman appeared to be in a very calm mood. I wondered why the dentist had chosen this particular work of art for the office. Perhaps it was to ease nervous patients like myself of their ominous meeting with the dentist. Then I wondered who picked out the piece, a Picasso, made apparent by the artist's signature on the lower left hand side of the painting. Was it the dentist himself? Was it a stylist? Art in an office as exemplified by this story can create an ambience for a room. When choosing this artwork the person can choose artwork to complements the office, or artwork that has absolutely nothing to do with the office itself but creates a purely aesthetic décor. Artwork contains many subcategories including color, lighting, furniture, plants and finally the artwork itself etc.

Painting the walls

When starting to decorate your office you may want to choose a color to paint the walls. Studies show that the best color is yellow because it stimulates mental activity, and creates an energetic mood. You might want to choose a more neutral color beige or crème if you work in a traditionally conservative industry such as the medical, legal, or finance industry. However this is not necessarily a rule of thumb. Bank Atlantic is very well known for breaking this rule by launching a new design campaign for their offices which includes a red and blue color scheme coupled with Brazilian artist Roberto Britto's famous paintings used inside the bank itself and on the credit card. If you work in the design industry whether it is architectural services, magazines, home furnishings or even in the food industry, you will have more leeway for creative color schemes and artwork. Studies also show that the two colors that evoke hunger when paired are red and yellow. This is why every Fast food restaurant uses red and yellow in its colors.


Lighting is another very important concept for art for the office. Most of the time you want the lighting in your office to be very bright. You can also use small lighting fixtures to add flair, or tall standing lamps if you want a more artistic look and feel. Most offices just use halogen lamps to light up the entire room and have them tucked away into the ceiling in order to create a neat and spacious feel for the room. Of course there are events in which your lighting is a very intricate part of your office space. Take for example a clothing store. More specifically, let's examine the retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. In this situation, the retailer purposely wants to set the mood of a darker, clubbing type environment with throbbing music and dimmed lighting. The lighting fixtures in Abercrombie and Fitch are mostly understated, small track lighting with canned lighting for certain areas. These small lights can then be aimed to highlight a particular photo in the store of girls and boys laughing, smiling and wearing Abercrombie clothes. This also uses artwork to sell the product.


Furniture can play an equal role in becoming a form of art for the office. One important thing to remember when furnishing a room is to keep the same style going throughout the room. If you are furnishing just one room in an office this is relatively simple, but if you are furnishing an entire office, try to go to an office furniture supple store to buy your desks, chairs, computers etc. This way you can not only have a uniform look, but you can save on price by getting a quantity discount.

Add some green

Plants too can function as art for an office. If you don't have a window in your office, try to get plants that thrive well indoors. Read the plant ID tags when shopping for a plant to make sure you are getting one that will grow best in your office space and condition. If watering a plant is too much for you, you can always get plastic plants which often look very real and have the same effect as an actual plant.

Choosing art

When you choose art for the office, remember there is no wrong way to decorate the office. If it is a private office you may want to hang pictures up that are your favorite artists, or even photographs of family and friends. If it is a corporate office, you can hang picture of whatever product it is you are selling. Remember that every photo sets a mood. For instance, if you are in an architectural office and you want your customer to feel like it is modern, hang pictures of modern art, or a recent building project that the firm did. The most important thing to remember when choosing your art work is to have fun!

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