Choosing artwork for your restaurant

By Rachel Hartman
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The art and other accessories you choose set the tone for your restaurant's style
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The artwork of your restaurant is one way to make your place stand out against the competition. Choosing a design that is attractive can draw in customers, thus enhancing your business. Adding personal touches and unique features will help your restaurant become a successful place that people enjoy coming to.

Start with Color

To begin with, the color of your restaurant should set an appropriate background for whatever artwork you choose. If the walls have not been painted for some time, it may be best to start by putting on a new coat of paint. Even if the paint is in good condition, a new color often makes the room appear fresh. And if you are on a budget, paint is an inexpensive way to begin decorating.

Consider the colors that appear throughout the restaurant, including the tables and chairs. Bringing it all together under one theme will help set the mood. Customers will be able to identify with your place and take pleasure in coming to it again and again.

Once you have the color chosen and the walls painted, take into consideration the lighting of the room. It may be time to replace the current lights. Having a soft glow or bright lights will again reflect the overall environment of your restaurant.

People come to a restaurant to do more than just eat. They usually want to enjoy the experience and make dining out an event. By furnishing your restaurant with the colors and design that will allow them to relax, you will have customers come in time after time.

Reflect the theme If you are a family-oriented restaurant, keep that in mind as you decorate the walls. Look for artwork that will appeal to both parents and children. Animals or cartoon characters are just two of your many options.

As you pick out wall decorations, consider calming scenes that will help customers relax as they eat. In addition, look for items that that will be unique and reflect your personality. You might offer different views of the city, have a jungle theme, display nature scenes, or feature a certain hobby, such as boating.

Consider where you live and if there is something unique you could offer to your customers. If you are located in a tourist hot spot, you may consider a historic setting to draw in visitors. If there are many businesses in the area, create a theme that attracts businesses and work-related luncheons. Customers will feel comfortable in your restaurant and the word about it will spread quickly.

Choosing artwork for your restaurant does not have to be done by you alone. Do your market research and ask other restaurant owners about their experiences. You may also hire an interior designer. This person will specialize in helping you set the right tone for your place.

There are plenty of online art stores that offer great deals on beautiful paintings and different artworks. With the right decorations, you can create the perfect setting for people to dine in. When you're finished, you'll feel proud of the accomplishment. Customers will notice and keep coming back for more.

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