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Most people overlook the importance of having art displayed on their walls
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While there has long been a market for original art in restaurants, hotels and other public spaces, today even small to medium sized companies are entering the marketplace to search for interesting, visually arresting artworks for display in their offices.

Art and Success

However subtle or exuberant, art does contribute to the ambience of a work place. Surroundings do play an important part in the overall success of a company because a happy and comfortable employee accomplishes much more. And there is nothing quite like a one of a kind painting to create the right atmosphere and even stimulate the imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

Improving Your Image

Business is all about image, and often the pictures hanging on your office wall will say more about you than a slick impressive corporate brochure. Consider, also that there is the possibility that one day that abstract hanging in reception area will be worth a small fortune as the artist who painted it becomes more collectable; just watch the price soar. You can view and purchase online paintings and photography of unknown artists. You don't have to spend a fortune to add quality and flair to your office walls.

Including Artwork in Your Budget

Artwork should not be left out of your budget when you plan to decorate new or existing space. Research shows that when ones work environment is decorated properly it reflects a more welcoming and positive attitude for employees and visitors. Unfortunately, this type of decoration almost always seems to be the last thing on the agenda.

Once you do make up your mind and your budget, there are many companies that specialize in assisting corporations in their endeavors to procure artwork. You can check out what's offered by using the internet. Or, if you prefer to do the decorating and selection yourself, consider these things:

Image and Impressions

What image do you want your artwork to reflect? Don't forget, it is not only your employees who will view it (everyday!), but also your clients. You want that first impression to be a good one. So, don't just buy what has the cheapest price tag!

Different Styles of Art

When considering your corporate art choices, vary the mediums you use by selecting works on paper, oils, original photography, sculpture, watercolors, and so on. Frame pieces in a neutral way. These decisions will make your collection less "dated" as time goes on and popular styles and colors change.


When deciding whether to use metal or wood frames, use the following guidelines. Usually metal frames or colored lacquer frames give a more contemporary look; woods represent a more traditional look. Some woods are more informal, like oak; others are more contemporary, like smooth cherry or maples. Gold and silver wood frames, particularly those with carvings and designs, are more formal.

Art Guidelines

When selecting artwork for hospital or health care settings, pick a scene with both foreground and background, letting the patient "travel" within the picture. This will help them escape their surroundings for awhile. A landscape with a church in the background and maybe a road leading to the church is a better choice than a static still life of a bouquet in a vase. Use abstract art when you want to add a splash of color and liveliness to an otherwise dull and drab area. While you wouldn't necessarily want bolder, brighter colors in your permanent seating or your carpet, adding it through artwork on the walls can be a real energy booster. Masks and hanging tapestries are also some items to think about for your corporate art choices. You would be amazed at the variety found online and at very good prices. When using small pictures, treat them as a unit and intersperse them with larger, coordinating pictures. The difference in sizes will make for a more visually interesting wall. And, if your staff works mainly in cubicles, you can still decorate with pictures. Just sort by the "small" category during the poster search, and request artwork be framed using plexiglass. Then the pieces can be mounted directly onto panel surfaces using double-faced velcro strips. To create a balanced look to your art, vary the width of the matting and the width of your frame. Most matting is done 3-3.5", so select wood frames that are no more than 2.5" wide. If you want a wider, more ornate frame, then lessen the amount of mat, or use an even wider mat width in order to create a contrast. The same principle applies to how wide to do inner mats. If you are triple matting a piece, vary the width of the second and third inner mats, making one slightly larger, unless you are purposely trying to create a very "cookie-cutter" look for effect.


If your art is being placed in a location that gets a great deal of direct sunlight, consider using plexiglass for this piece. It contains 98% UV protection. Another alternative is to use a canvas replica or oil, which is sealed with coating that cut down fading.

We hope these tips will help you in your corporate art choices.

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