Automatic cars vs manual cars

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Manual Transmission Pedals
Three pedals vs two
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The differences between automatic cars vs manual cars is very basic

When talking about the difference between automatic cars vs manual cars the question of which kind of car is better really boils down to a driver's preference.  That doesn't mean that there aren't a couple of different factors that can help someone who may not have a preference lean one way or the other. 

Looking at the difference means that you have to take a couple of different factors into account, especially when you are looking at making a new purchase in an economy that still hasn't fully rebounded from its near collapse in 2008.


If you are comparing the costs of automatic cars vs manual cars there are a couple of different areas you can look at.  In general, automobiles with manual transmissions are going to cost less than those that have an automatic transmissions.  Most dealerships will be willing to price a car with a manual transmission as much as $1,000 cheaper than the same car with an automatic transmission. 

There is also something to be said for the costs of fixing each kind of car. Manual cars are simply easier to fix because they are not as intricately put together as a transmission that has to figure out on its own when to shift.  The manual transmission has had the "thought" taken out of it thanks to the third pedal that allows you to tell the car to shift gears.

A recent study shows that manual transmissions will even save you in the pocket book when it comes to buying gas. Consumer Reports says that a stick shift can actually improve a car's gas mileage anywhere from two to five miles per gallon.  For people who are commuting, this can be a rather large amount of savings every week.

Ease of Use

It might seem like a no-brainer, considering all the cost savings to choose a manual car over an atuomatic every time.  Why then, does it seem as if there are more manual cars out there than ever before?  The answer to that question of course is that automatics are just that much easier to use. 

Those who drive manual transmission cars have a little bit of learning to do. There is the issue of knowing that you have to shift and being able to time that shift is actually something of a skill. If you don't time the pressing of the shift pedal right you will actually "kill" your car and you will stall out.  This is also hard on the actual transmission and if you don't know how to time it right you will find yourself actually wearing the transmission out.  It might then need repair or even replacement.

The automatic transmission is easier to operate because it does the shifting for you.  When you hit certain speeds and RPMs the car will automatically down shift or upshift and because this is basically done by a computer, it will be quite a bit easier on the transmission in general and there will be less attention being paid to operating the stick shift and the third pedal.

The ease of use also comes into play when you are driving in heavy traffic because you are talking about hitting just the brake and the gas instead of having to deal with those three pedals and using the stick shift.  You are able to keep both hands on the steering wheel and rest your leg as well. 

Making the Choice 

It really comes down to what the deciding factor for choosing the car really is.  There is not one particular reason why one type of car is better than another.

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