Passive anti theft system best motorcycle security

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A basic wheel lock can deter motorcycle theft
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A passive anti-theft system is the best way to protect your bike from theft

Motorcycle security is always a concern. A passive anti theft system is one of the most effective deterrents to motorcycle theft, but a variety of other measures can be taken to safeguard your bike from thieves.

To protect your investment in your motorcycle, number one is of course having sufficient insurance to cover both theft of the bike and all your accessories. Bikers should also carry GAP insurance for financing. You don't want to lose your bike and still be paying your finance company.

To deter any criminal types who have your bike in their sights, several motorcycle security accessories and anti-theft methods can be employed alone or together.

A passive anti theft system works by immobilizing your motorcycle engine. The passive anti-theft system prevents the engine from starting unless a coded key programmed specifically to your motorcycle is used. Factory installed anti-theft devices are great. Harley Davidson, for example, has you carrying a fob which must be within 10 feet of your bike or it won't start. Couple a security fob with onboard security code access, and you've got a great deterrent to motorcycle theft.

LOJack always is a key security component. LOJack can locate and disable a stolen bike protected by LOJack upon notification that it has been stolen.

A wheel lock placed in the front brake disc works well and makes theft tougher for criminals. Couple a wheel lock with a large cable and lock assembly, and criminals are likely to move to an easier target. Remember that thieves want to work fast and get away before they are seen: make your bike a project and you have accomplished the primary goal of motorcycle security by deterring a thief's attempt.

On that note, always remember to lock your front forks in a turned position so someone cannot roll your bike away.

Some manufacturers provide locking devices for backrests and windshields. Bag and helmet locks as provided by factory installed specs work well for accessories. Always try to park near the front door of an establishment and in plain sight or in a well lit area. Most establishments that cater to motorcyclists offer both parking in front and tables with a clear view of parked motorcycles.

There is honor amongst bikers with respect to other bikes. But, a few bad apples require taking all the necessary precautions to protect your investment.

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