Scooters vs motorcycles

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Scooters are stylish and fun to drive
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There is a big difference between scooters vs motorcycles is vast

The debate of scooters vs motorcycles is one that could go on forever for some. Each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages, however, they are very similar in that they allow riders to enjoy the open air when getting from point A to point B. If you are wondering which type of transportation works better for you, weighing out your options can help you decide.


Scooters have become quite trendy, and allow riders to get to their destinations in style. With the sophisticated design and colors that are featured on the Vespa, to the sporty nature of the Escape scooter, it's easy to see why drivers are attracted to this type of transportation.

Scooters also offer the advantage of extremely high gas mileage, which is beneficial to both the environment and the wallet. Additionally, some states allow people to ride scooters without owning drivers' licenses. Therefore, those who are having problems obtaining their licenses may be able to get around with the help of this type of transportation.

However, in order for the scooter to qualify as "street legal," or that it is allowed to ride on the road, it must feature a headlight, taillights, mirrors and directional signals. If your vehicle isn't equipped with these accessories, consult with your Department of Motor Vehicles to learn if you are able to drive it on the street.


If you're looking to ride fast and feel the wind on your face, consider buying a motorcycle. These vehicles move quickly and require their drivers to jump through a few more hoops in order to drive them legally.

For instance, drivers are typically required to attend classes to learn how to drive this type of vehicle. Additionally, drivers must obtain licenses, and often add a motorcycle endorsement, in order to ride these vehicles legally.


By simply looking at the two vehicles, you can easily see that both contain two wheels, a seat and handlebars. They also both have lights, which typically makes each street legal.

Additionally, each vehicle is low on gas mileage. Which means you can ride a lot for just a little bit of money.


The differences between these two types of vehicles are far greater than their similarities. For starters, scooters provide riders with much more storage space. These vehicles typically feature storage space over the rear wheel, due to the engine's position above the front tire. 

Contrarily, the other two-wheeled vehicle is sparse on its storage space. For this reason, many motorcyclists hang hard or soft saddle bags off of the sides of their bikes in order to store their helmets, gloves and other cargo.

Bikes are better equipped to handle faster speeds safely, however, scooters are better for slower speeds. The reasoning has to do with the wheels and their bases. Bikes feature larger tires and wheel bases than their two-wheeled counterparts, which allows them to travel at faster speeds much safer.

Because scooters have smaller tires and shorter wheel bases, drivers are able to handle turns and slower speeds more easily than those who drive the larger bikes.

Motorcycles feature larger engines than scooters, which means they are more powerful and speedy than the smaller vehicles. Typically, scooters feature engines that are between 50 and 150 cc. The smallest motorcycle engine is around 250cc. This larger size means the bike contains far more power than the smaller vehicle.

Even when a scooter features a larger engine, it is unable to safely accelerate and maintain speeds as effectively as a large bike because of its lightweight frame. However, if the smaller vehicle falls on you when in an accident, you may not become as injured as you would if a heavy bike did.   

When deciding which mode of transportation to use, you need to take your needs into consideration. For instance, if you are traveling in heavy traffic, the scooter won't perform as well as the bike. However, small distances that don't feature much traffic or road hazards, such as potholes, would work well for those driving scooters.

After doing your research, you will likely put an end to the scooter vs motorcycle debate in your mind.


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