Where to find street car parts

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street car parts
Put these parts together in the right order and a street car will appear
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Give your car some muscle with quality street car parts

Whether you're driving a muscle car, an SUV, a hybrid or an old clunker, everyone who has sat at a red light next to another car has thought, "I bet I can beat that car!" Of course, we all know that street car racing is illegal but it's still fun to dream. And there are plenty of race tracks where you can pay a fee and race on a track or a drag strip under safe conditions.

Whether you're looking to soup up your vehicle to sound menacing at the light or compete for a trophy at a track, you need to know where to find street car parts to do the job.

If you don't know much about increasing the performance of your car, two good places to start looking for parts are garages that special in performance cars and race tracks.

Garages often stock parts for do-it-yourself mechanics and they'll often tell you where they get their parts. They can be good sources of information, especially if they specialize in your make or model, and they can help get your out of a jam when you're in over your head.

Race track owners are interested in attracting more racers, so the owners usually know where drivers can get parts. Don't forget to talk to other drivers. They're your rivals but they're also car lovers and love to talk performance and parts.

For low cost street car parts, the place to go is your local junkyard or scrapyard. These are not your father's junkyards - they usually have computerized inventories and can find parts you're looking for quickly. Once they do, be prepared to remove the parts yourself. It's good practice for when you install it on your own car.

Car magazines, catalogs, books and videos are other good sources for finding parts. Check the classified section, but also read the articles where owners talk about working on their cars. Look for magazines that specialize in your make or model - you probably won't find many Mustang parts in a GTO magazine.

Trade shows and hot rod shows are great places to find parts providers - they often will set up booths. Car owners with vehicles on display sometimes list the names of the garages and parts suppliers they used for their restorations. Networking at shows will help you meet other like-minded street car enthusiasts.

Once you've identified the street car parts you need, the best source with the best prices is usually the Internet. Check local listings like Craigslist if you're concerned about shipping costs. There are many excellent car sites with parts for all models and good technical information.

For older cars, you may have to look for parts sellers in states with no snow, like California or Texas - that's where eBay is a super resource. Make sure you check the seller's reputation and return policy.

Souping up muscle cars and street car racing at designated tracks are great hobbies for car lovers young and old. Even if you're just doing it to have a classy and loud ride to work or to enter in shows, turning street car parts into shiny hot rods and muscle cars is fun and therapeutic. Just remember to fasten your seat belt!

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