Where to find motorcycle accident data

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Know where to find motorcycle accident data to be an informed, safe rider

Motorcycle riding is a funny hobby, a relaxing excursion and a great way to get around town when gas prices are high. But there’s no escaping the fact that motorcycle accidents do happen and it’s important for everyone on the road – both car drivers and bike riders – to know the facts in order to keep safe.

When looking where to find motorcycle accident data, it’s best to start with local police and government safety web sites for the best information in your area. For example, in my home state of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Transportation web site lists motorcycle crash statistics by year, by age group and by county.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a wealth of motorcycle accident data for the U.S. The numerous graphs and charts illustrate the fact that motorcycle accidents are more serious than car and truck accidents and also highlight the importance of wearing a safety-rated helmet and helmet laws in general. Its Motorcycle Safety Guide offers excellent tips on safe riding and keeping bikes in good working condition from a public health perspective.

Another government organization with volumes of useful information for motorcyclists is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Besides accident and safety data, it provides interesting insights on other issues affecting motorcycle riders, like the effect of helmets on the vision and hearing of wearers.

Insurance companies are another excellent source of data about motorcycle accidents, rider safety and motorcycle insurance. The Insurance Information Institute web site is a great repository of information, with emphasis on insurance issues such as losses, theft and discounts for safety classes and safe riding. Like all motorcycle web sites, it stresses the importance of never driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.  

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation, supported by motorcycle manufacturers, that provides courses and tips for riders. Its online library is full of  handbooks, brochures and videos on safety, education and crash and accident information  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is also actively involved in community public awareness campaigns and state training and licensing programs.

For all types of information on motorcycle riding, safety, accidents and prevention from riders themselves, the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety provides an excellent website with  moderated forums where enthusiasts can share information, experiences and tips with other riders with no hidden agenda other than helping fellow bikers. The forums are divided into four groupings: vehicle factors, social factors, human factors and environmental factors. It’s a great resource for finding answers or posting questions to the best source of information about accidents – other riders.

No matter where you live in the U.S. or what your bike riding experience level may be, there’s a wealth of free data available to motorcycle riders on accidents, safety and prevention. Before you put your helmet on and head out the door, read the facts, review the tips and follow the guidelines so that your ride is safe and enjoyable.

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