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Choosing where to ride a motorcycle depends on your skill level and preferences

There's almost nothing more thrilling that riding a motorcycle, particularly when you are on the open road. Feeling the wind against your skin and seeing the sights around you is exhilarating. Choosing where to ride a motorcycle depends on your skill level, interests and location. Once you figure out where to ride, you're sure to have a wonderful experience.

Safety First

First and foremost when figuring where to ride your bike, you must take your safety into consideration. Roads that are too windy may be difficult for a novice rider to maneuver. Additionally, roads that have little to no shoulders can be extremely dangerous, particularly in hazardous conditions, such as rain.

Ask other riders for their opinions on safe roads in the area. You could also map out the road in a vehicle other than a bike to see if you think you can handle it on a bike.

Of course, you should always wear proper safety equipment, as well. It's a good idea to always wear a helmet, particularly if your state laws require it. Additionally, wearing high-quality motorcycle jackets can prevent your arms from getting hurt from road debris or in the unlikely event you fall off of your bike. Wearing boots, pants and gloves made of thick material is also recommended to keep your body safe.


Choosing where to ride can depend on the type of terrain you're interested in, as well as the landscape. Some states, such as Maryland, have scenic routes that feature different types of lighthouses, and other routes feature mountains, lush vegetation and even beaches.

If you're riding in Washington, you're in luck, as you can pretty much see any landscape you want while riding. Washington offers mountains, water, national forests and even has island routes. If you're a fan of the outdoors, Washington likely has what you want to see.

If watching the desert while you ride is your desire, give Arizona a try. Watching a desert sunset is truly breathtaking and can make riding your bike a real treat. Along with the gorgeous cacti and sand, you can also look at the amazing gorges and canyons this great state has to offer. You can see mountains and astonishing bridges while traveling here.


You can also choose your course depending on your terrain preference and comfort level. In other words, you'll want to take hills, twists and other road features into consideration before you travel on these routes.

For instance, those who like rolling and hilly topography may want to venture out to Missouri. Rolling hills and curves are typically present in the roads of this state. You can also see vast country sides, as well as farms and railroads. Many of the courses also offer beautiful hilltop views.

If you like flat and hilly terrain, North Carolina is a state to visit. In the west, you'll find mountain ranges that you can navigate through. Working towards the center, you'll notice the ground becomes more flat, which could be better for beginners. However, many of the North Carolina's roads are without shoulders, which could be dangerous for those who aren't experienced.

No matter where you decide to ride, you should always make sure your bike is in top condition. Checking your fluid levels, as well as brakes and tires, before you go can possibly prevent you from getting into an accident during your memorable journey. Do take extra bike parts with you if your ride will take you into remote areas where a garage might be hours away. After choosing where to ride a motorcycle, get ready for an experience you won't soon forget.


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