What is affiliate marketing?

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Join together with a merchant for a profitable affiliate marketing business
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Start your own home business with this affiliate marketing guide

Affiliate marketing, in the simplest terms, is promoting the goods or services of another company for commission.  Essentially, you advertise for other companies and because you're bringing more business and customers to their products or services, you get a share of the money.  This is a way that many people create their own at-home business, generally through their own website.

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to store any goods at your own home or office.  It's the merchant's responsibility to supply the goods, make sure the customer receives it, and take care of the customer's payments.  All you have to do is recommend the merchant or product to the customer. 

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing; the only real limit is your own thoughts and ideas about the subject.  Here are a few of the most common ways to earn money through affiliate marketing:

Pay per click:

With "pay per click," you receive a small amount every time a customer uses your link which leads to the merchant.  The potential customer doesn't have to buy anything from the merchant in order for you to make your commission; simply clicking on your link will earn you money.

Pay per lead:

In this form you would only receive money when a new lead is created for the merchant.  This means that a potential buyer is interested in the particular product (which he or she found on your website), and enters minimal information about him or herself to receive more information about the product (e.g. name and e-mail address).  Each time your website creates a new lead for the merchant, you will receive commission.

Pay per sale:

As the name suggests, here you would only receive commission if the customer purchases a product.  The advantage to "pay per sale," however, is that the commission you receive will be much larger than "pay per click" or "pay per lead."

Pay per impression:

"Pay per impression" is earning money through advertisements placed on your website.  However, this way of affiliate marketing is rare and doesn't amount to much money--essentially, you shouldn't rely on just "pay per impression" marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to run your own at-home business.  This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme, so it can take some time before you begin to see substantial profits.  The best way to get the most out of affiliate marketing is to set up a well thought out website and represent the product as well as you can.

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