Benefits employees really want

By April Hall
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A gas pump
One favorite benefit of employees today is gas vouchers that employees can use on the job
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What are employees really seeking?

In today's global economy the ability to successfully retain quality staff takes real effort and the willingness to meet the needs of your employees. Many companies compete with one another to provide the benefits employees really want. But which ones are these? You may just find that your staff will be more appreciative of the right mix of benefits than they will be with higher salaries.


Cash Vouchers or Fleet Vehicles


With today's skyrocketing gas prices, there is absolutely no other benefit that would please your employees more than cash vouchers or even the use of fleet vehicles with gas cards included. This is an especially valuable benefit for companies that are based in urban areas but whose employees mostly live in outlying suburbs.  


You may offer this voucher as an added bonus with the employees' paychecks to make it easier for your payroll staff. If you do decide to begin offering your employees gas vouchers, consider doubling them for employees who commit to carpooling. Not only will everyone save money, but you will be doing your part to help protect our environment! There are only a few companies that can feasibly offer fleet vehicles. This type of benefit is usually reserved for salespeople who need to travel to meet with clients.


Top Quality Health Care for Entire Family


Our families all need to go to the doctor, get glasses and be fitted for sets of braces. Providing your employees with a quality healthcare plan for their entire families demonstrates your commitment to them as human beings and not just working robots. 


It is without question costly to offer your employees excellent health plans. But ask any professional why he or she stays loyal to his or her employer, and you will undoubtedly find out that a good health plan consistently ranks high on the list.



Flexible Working Hours or Ability to Work from Home


There are very few people who actually enjoy arriving to work at exactly eight o'clock, five days a week, taking a one-hour lunch at noon then returning to their office until five o'clock. Every employee has a unique family situation (or at least a unique internal clock!) and has a particular time schedule that works best for them. Maybe one of your staff members would prefer to work through lunch every day and knock off an hour early. Perhaps some of your employees want to stay an hour later four days a week and work a half day the next. The point is to truly listen to what they are saying in regards to their work schedules.


You may discover that another one of the benefits employees really want is the ability to work from home. Before you shrug this off as a pipe dream, take a moment to think it over. Can this person successfully do his job from home and be a more satisfied employee because of it? If so, what is holding you back from granting them their request?


Ability to Rollover Unused Vacation Time


Another one of the benefits employees really want is the ability to rollover their unused vacation time. While you may indeed have some staff members who abuse this benefit, the vast majority will use their vacation time wisely. How likely is it that anyone is going to save up months of vacation time and then use it all at once? 


The reality is that your employees have earned those days, and they would like to feel assured that they have them in case of an emergency. A short memo reminding them of the importance of using their vacation time wisely should be a sufficient safeguard against vacation-time abuse.


The bottom line for all employers is that you should be constantly looking for ways to attract and retain quality staff. If that means a bit of strain on your bottom line in the short term, the return on your investment will nevertheless be completely worth it.

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