What are the benefits of branded clothing

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Branded clothes give a cohesive look to your team
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Build teamwork and a sharp look with branded clothing.

When coming up with a dress code or uniform for your business, the options can seem daunting. You don’t want to be too stuffy – you want your employees to feel comfortable enough to be at their peak performance, not preoccupied with their wardrobe, but you also don’t want to appear unprofessional. 
“Office casual” is the go-to for many employee handbooks, as it strives to strike that perfect balance between professional and relaxed. But this standard can be hard to define and even more difficult to enforce without some hard guidelines. 

Providing branded clothing is a great way to solve this particular issue. By issuing approved pieces of office-wear, with your company logo, you not only provide everyone the same quality of dress for the workday, but you also create a particular look to represent your business. 

Team Cohesion

Depending upon your company pay scale, it is possible that some employees are less financially able to buy a wardrobe which meets your requirements than others. Uniform options purchased by the company will ensure that everyone is dressed at the same level and quality. 

This in turn not only means your team will consistently look their best, but it can also build confidence and a sense of camaraderie among coworkers. When everyone looks great, there is no jealousy or self-consciousness brought on by basic appearance. You are all a team, all valued equally, all an important piece of the mechanics of your workforce. Without the distraction of wardrobe, employees are free to focus on their innate talents and mastering the tasks at hand. 

Uniform dress likewise solves those “interpretive” issues you might have with trying to enforce a specific dress code. If everyone is wearing different colors of the same branded polo shirt, no one ever has to question if the shirt they chose that morning is too revealing or if it’s dressy enough for the office standard. 

Even if you give your workers a choice of different styles within the same catalog, you and the employees know they can express themselves within the boundaries of approved attire options. No guesswork; no interpretations necessary. 

Your Public Face

If your workplace is open to the public, having everyone in uniform dress with the company logo is also a sure way to help your customers differentiate between the helpful worker who can answer their product question from another customer who just happens to be dressed sharply. 

Having the business’s brand displayed also helps customers feel confident that the worker is well trained and knowledgeable about your product or service. It gives the appearance of a corporation or small business which is organized and efficient. It is also a potential advertising opportunity when your workers wear their branded clothing outside the workplace, on lunch breaks or after hours. 

Well fitting, fashionable apparel options mean your employees are more apt to wear their office attire “out and about,” which also means they are showing off your business. Your logo can be a conversation starter, giving your people the opportunity to sell what you’re offering just by showing up. 

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