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Your business cards are part of the first, most crucial impression you make on clients and colleagues
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Printable papers make it easy to create your own business cards.

In business, the impression you make on clients and colleagues is incredibly important, and can mean the difference between repeat business and referrals or your business heading downhill. Your business cards are one of the most crucial elements of your business’s reputation. 

With the wide variety of printable business card paper that is now available, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money to have your business cards professionally printed. 

There are also many choices for professionally printed cards -- the old white or cream standard has been shattered! 

Determining which type of paper is right for your business is the first step in creating an unforgettable business card.

Basic cards

If you want your business cards to have a classic, professional look but can't get them printed professionally, go with the basic style of card paper. 

The newest printable business card paper comes with micro-perforations, which will make it extremely easy to separate your cards without leaving any uneven edges or paper lint. When going with the basic card, it is important to have an eye-catching logo or graphic to draw attention to your card. 

This print-at-home paper comes in a vaiety weights and textures. Do get the heaviest weight paper your printer can handle. Thin paper makes a bad first impression. 

Shaped cards

If you want to go with something less traditional, choose a shaped card. Printable shaped cards are available in everything from ovals and circles to dollar signs. If you do choose a shaped card, go for a less ostentatious graphic to keep your card from looking too “gimmicky.”

Professional printers can expand the options, with shapes to match every business from dog groomers (I have a dog shaped groomer card on my fridge right now!) to computer repair specialists (the coolest one I saw was shaped like a circuit board, complete with texture!) 

Appointment sticker cards

If your business relies strongly on client appointments, such as a doctor or dentist’s office, then appointment sticker cards are a great way to go. They have all of your company’s pertinent information, and a sticker section where you can write your client or patient’s appointment time. He or she can then take the card home and put the sticker directly onto their calendar, ensuring that they will remember their appointment.

Cards with preprinted graphics

If you are running a small business or sole proprietorship, and your business doesn’t have a logo or graphic already designed, you can design cards with stock graphics. 

On the at home front, there is a wide variety of cards available with borders and graphics already in place – you simply add your company’s information. 

When ordering cards from a printer, you will typically have hundreds of clip art, accent and border designs to choose from. 

Card backgrounds

One of the big advantages of using a professional business card service is the large number of card backgrounds. Unfortunately, that's also one of the major drawbacks. Why both? A catchy background image or design is a great way to get your card noticed. But when many people choose the same background, it becomes more of a negative than a plus. (One more beach scene from a certain economy printer anyone?) 

Folded cards

If you have a lot of information to convey on your business card, then the folded card is a good option. It gives you more printable space and allows you to print more of your company’s information than possible on a regular-sized card.

When time to create or re-order your business cards, remember that the wide range of printable business cards now available makes it extremely easy for you to create your own cards, or to select just the right paper from a local or online printer.

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