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Advertising product collection
The right products will help your advertising campaign take off
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The right advertising products can move your campaign into high gear

You have the perfect ad campaign in mind.  The timing is right, the product is hot and the market is wide open.  But your product is a niche market item. 

So how are you going to get the word out?  Newspapers and magazines are a dying breed, and were never a good choice for most niche market items. Television allows you to target, but the costs for prime time ads are out of reach. So what's left?

Step one is to create the right print and online advertising campaign, using solid target audience data and relevant outlets.

Step two is to assemble the right mix of imprinted campaign products to get your company name in front of consumers and keep it there.

The right campaign products can help you do a number of things:

  • Create a positive image for your product by linking it with fun or useful gifts imprinted with the product name
  • Create good feelings by forming an association between receiving a gift and learning about the product
  • Create an on-going reminder about your product by labeling a regularly used or valued item with the product name and contact information.  Much more powerful than a business card that may not even make it home from the trade show

  • Suggest something about the product's role in a customer's life by choosing advertising campaign products that relate to the intended use.  For instance, a flash drive labeled with information from a computer repair company would be an excellent related product. An imprinted coffee mug is a better choice for a coffee company, and a booklight works exceptionally well for a bookstore. Relationships can be more indirect, but be sure there is a clear connection.
  • Start a conversation between recipients of the campaign products and other people in their life. If the gift has created a good experience, the message to others will be positive as well.
Choosing campaign products that work for your niche market

Make sure the promotional gifts you select are:

  • Something your target audience will value, not what you value. Ordering 10,000 coffee mugs won't do your company any good if the target demographic doesn't value imprinted coffee mugs. Sure, they may feature your favorite cartoon, but this isn't about giving away something you want.  It's only about giving customers or prospective what THEY want.
  • Make sure it works. Giving away pens that fail within an hour or t-shirts that fall apart in the wash sends a powerful message to your potential clients.  Unfortunately, it's not the message you want to send. Whatever you select as your promotional give aways, choose a product that works.  And lasts. Just because it's free isn't a reason to offer junk.
  • Something that relates well to your product and your product image. 
Spending time selecting the right campaign products will pay off in the long run, especially when you're marketing a niche product. 

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