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office cubicles
Use feng shui to turn a blah work space into a free-flowing creative hot spot
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Cubicle feng shui tips to transform your personal work space

Small, cluttered and isolating, cubicles are not ideal working spaces. Rarely do they have windows or access to daylight, and they often become a source of dread for workers. Needless to say, itís tough to do your best work under these conditions.

You may not be able to move yourself into a proper office just yet, but you can use cubicle feng shui to change your environment into a place that nurtures energy, sharpens the mind and makes your time there enjoyable.

Companies use cubicles to save space. They donít consider the effects that surrounding people with barriers has on the thought process and productivity. Itís the employee who has to spend about 8 hours a day there 5 days a week. Thatís a lot of time for anyone to work in a stagnant environment. Taking the initiative to improve your cubicle feng shui will positively impact everything you do at work.

Cubicle feng shui tips

* Rearrange what you can so you can see the cubicle entrance from your seat

* Introduce active energy, or Chi, to increase health and fortune

* Make the cubicle feel like itís yours

* Clean and de-clutter with aesthetically pleasing workstation organizers

* Good lighting, preferably full spectrum especially if you don't have a window 

Rearranging furniture

Positioning your chair so you can see the entrance to your cubicle puts you in control, while having your back turned makes you feel vulnerable and anxious. In an office, this can cause you to miss out on growth opportunities.

Unfortunately, many cubicles have built in desk tops that donít allow you to change their position. If this is the case, position a mirror by your computer monitor so you can see the entrance.

Introduce active energy

Plants are the ultimate guard against negative energy. They also add natural shape and textures to the straight lines and corners that make offices feel so stagnant. Best of all, plants feed our minds and spirit. Bamboo, English Ivy, Jade Plants and Asparagus Ferns are hardy plants that grow well in office environments, according to Life Hacker.

Make it yours

Spaces communicate with us. Personalizing your work space is essential to cubicle feng shui. Brainstorm the colors and dťcor accents that affirm a sense of success, abundance and good health. Incorporate mood-lifting colors with a vibrant lamp shade or patterned rug beneath your chair.


Clutter stops the free flow of energy and affects your concentration. Clean your work space and get rid of everything you donít need. Use attractive desk organizers to store all paperwork and items that you need within armís reach, and a filing cabinet for storage. As you clear up space, wipe off dust from surface areas, drawers and your monitor.

Good Lighting

If you sit under fluorescent lighting, listen closely. You can almost hear the energy being sucked away. Counter this by adding soft, secondary lighting to your cubicle with a desk lamp. Warm light activates energy, enhances clear thinking and brings a relaxing ambiance to a space. Or even better, deck your cube out with full spectrum lighting. Not only will you feel happier and more energetic, other people will feel drawn to your inviting space. Be prepared to impress.

Cubicle feng shui is all about bringing positive energy into a space so you can put your best foot forward every day. Applying these basic principles can change how you work, setting you on your way out of the cubicle and into that corner office.


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