Environmental products for green restaurants

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Greener environmental products will keep your restaurant cleaner and safer
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Using safer, more environmental products will keep your restaurant greener

The consumer has spoken. 

And in the restaurant business, that voice is saying value, a unique selection of tastes and green practices. Yes, green. Restaurant patrons are looking for restaurateurs who choose natural or organic ingredients for the table and environmental products for the kitchen, paper goods and cleaners.

In a tight economy, that voice has to be heeded.  As restaurant owners compete for every patron and every dollar, more menus are being streamlined with fresher, lighter and more natural offerings. Healthier vegetarian options assembled from organic ingredients are popping up in venues from family dinners to high end haute cuisine establishments. Recycled paper products, once rare in restaurant supply houses, now fill shelf after shelf, pushing virgin paper products down on the shopping list.

Green cleaning products

One of the fastest growing types of environmental products for restaurants is cleaning products.  
The janitorial supply industry has made a big shift, replacing harsh, toxic solvents with safer, nontoxic, natural and organic choices. Non-toxic, plant or citrus oil based cleaners and enzyme degreasers are all in hot demand for restaurant kitchens. 

The result has been a huge growth in the availability (and affordability) of restaurant cleaning basics such as:

Dish washer soap -- Dirty dishes are a staple of the restaurant business, but for generations, the products used in automatic dishwashers have been caustic and dangerous to human skin. That has changed. Organic and non-toxic dishwasher soaps are now available that offer restaurateurs the same level of clean without petroleum distillates, chlorine, ammonia, phosphates or strong acids.

Bathroom cleaning products -- Citric acid (fruit) based environmental products for surface cleansing are giving restaurant owners the heavy-duty cleaning strength they need for dealing with public restrooms without the toxic fumes and chemical  risks of traditional janitorial supplies. As an added bonus, these cleaners are natural deodorizers, so restrooms will smell better without the cost of additional deodorizers.

Green paper goods

Another area where environmental products have grown from a niche product to the industry standard are restaurant paper goods, such as napkins, paper towels and place mats. In addition to the coarse, beige-toned recycled paper products that dominated the recycled paper market only a few years ago, restaurant owners can now find softer textures and colors from white to bright jewel tones without sacrificing the benefits of using recycled materials.

Biodegradable plastics

Even the most stubborn material, plastics, are now available in surprisingly sturdy plastics that biodegrade, photodegrade or compost after use. Cups, plates, trays, take-away containers and trash bags are now readily available as affordable environmental products instead of just another addition to the waste stream. Manufacturing advances over the past couple of years have made these formerly flimsy and unreliable products virtually indistinguishable from non-degradable versions, giving customers a better experience, while reducing landfill volumes.

Other earth-friendly environmental products for your restaurant

All facets of the restaurant business have benefited from the new earth-friendly  focus consumers now demand. Non-toxic carpet cleaners and pest control substances work as well as traditional products without the risk.  New manufacturing techniques are providing building and seating options without the off-gassing so common in older plastics and wood composites. And safer paints and other finishes are replacing high-odor, toxic formulas. 

Thanks to consumer demand, your restaurant can now be a healthier, safer place for your patrons and your staff.  That's good for them, good for you and good for the earth!

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