Funny employee awards

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Achievement awards motivate employees to succeed.
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Boost morale with employee awards that are playful and funny.

Recognizing employees for outstanding achievements, dedication and hard work with an award or certificate not only boosts morale, but brings a sense of community to the workplace. That pat on the back for a job well done goes a long way to building customer retention and loyalty.  With an awards program in place, you encourage employees to strive for their best. Awards say "thank you", "you're appreciated," and "you're a leader."

Some awards are given for serious occasions such as anniversary milestones or top salesperson of the year, but other gestures of recognition can take on a lighter note and that is where funny employee awards, especially personalized gifts, come into play. Why not present a team member with a certificate or plaque with an inscription noting they are receiving the "stretch" award - for the person being pulled most in different directions or a tote bag that reads "penny pincher" for the team member that saves the company money time and time again?

There are many types of awards you can give employees to elevate the sense of team spirit. Besides the traditional ribbon, pen set or watches, recognize team members with funny employee awards at your next corporate meeting or picnic. You're sure to see faces light up and hear comments like, "that award fits Joe perfectly." Here are some funny employee awards for that next corporate get-together or outing.

Clothing items:
Express employee appreciation with various clothing items with humorous sayings. Personalize sweatshirts or jackets with catchy departmental inscriptions for the accounting, engineering or sales dept. Some award programs even include employee underwear and "boxers" as gag gifts for employees. Perfect for plumbers! 

Mugs with inscriptions are a great way to recognize employees. As they fill their mug with coffee each morning, they will be reminded of their dedication and commitment. 

Certificates are perhaps the easiest way to present funny employee awards to recognize company team members. With certificates, you can use all kinds of humorous sayings to pass out at the next departmental meeting or picnic. A lighthearted way to say "we appreciate you" is a personalized inscription, or inside joke, on a certificate. For example: there is always the no sleep/no dose award for the workaholic at heart or the "safari" award for the person talking the biggest game.

Plaques are another great way to recognize and show gratitude. Show appreciation to the "employee of the month" by displaying a plaque on their desk or workspace. Give a plaque to your top customer service representative with a funny engraving that reads, "I've heard it all." There are so many ideas that can be personalized to each individual in a company.

Totes go everywhere with an employee. From tradeshows to daily meetings, totes are a convenient way for employees to get their "stuff" from point A to point B.

Award ceremonies are no longer just an occasion for handing out the 5, 10, or 25 year pin to employees. They can be get-togethers that bring instant comradery when an associate you work side-by-side with receives an award for an achievement with a twist of humor.  Bringing employees together for a fun filled - lets laugh together event is what receiving funny employee awards is all about. To find more information on recognizing employees with certificates, the article - Award Paper - will have just what you are looking for.

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