How to get more tradeshow booth traffic

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tradeshow booth babes
Standout in the sea of booth babes
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Get more tradeshow booth traffic at every event with great promotion tips

As many business owners know, a whole lot of money goes into tradeshow participation. Still thousands of entrepreneurs haul their newest goods and most polished smiles to these events, each year. Why? A successful industry show will build buzz and increase distribution, sometimes bringing your business to the next level.

All of the resources, time and energy that go into planning for and working these events are clearly an investment in the future of your business. That said, not everybody can afford to rent a booth in the more expensive and highly visible zones. For many, it takes strategy to draw people to the most engaging tradeshow booth and displays.

You have about six seconds to spark a person’s interest before they pass you by. As many buyers only attend one day, booths don’t often get a second chance. Make those six seconds count.
There’s nothing more frustrating than staring down an empty aisle wondering how to get more tradeshow booth traffic. These tips will show you how to stand out to the right people in a sea of gimmicks and booth babes.

Pre-show outreach

The majority of professionals who attend tradeshows take the efficient approach of making a list of booths they plan to visit ahead of time. Needless to say you want to be on those lists. One of the most effective ways to get more tradeshow booth traffic is to run an outreach campaign a few weeks prior to the event.

Companies that rent a booth usually have access to the attendees register. Reach out to these companies – either by email, phone or old paper mailers – and let them know what you’re about. Bright paper mailers in unusual shapes still work better than generic mass emails, and phone calls still reign for establishing a personal connection.

Contact existing clients who will attend to schedule appointments with them. This way when new prospects pass by, you look busy in the best way. Better to see you taking orders than standing idle.

Welcome surprise crowds

At first people may come to admire you beautiful display banner or ask who did your booth. Clearly you're not at the event to talk about your displays with the competition, but take this in stride. Smile and treat every person like they may be your next best customer because you never know. Having the right attitude will go a long way towards building new relationships.

Besides, a crowd is a good problem to have. On one hand, it’s more of a challenge to filter browsers from buyers when you’re surrounded by new faces. On the other, crowds generate buzz and nothing attracts interest like a crowd. 

Need a charge?

You’ll notice a lot of passersby not browsing booths but desperately searching for an outlet to charge their phones or other gadgets. This is a golden opportunity for you. Bring a reliable power strip and set up a mini-charging station in your booth. While people are re-charging, sell to them. They're there to be sold to.

If you can, set up a video display near the station so they can learn about you even if you’re too busy taking orders to make conversation.

Use social media

Social media works to bring like minds together even when they’re already under the same roof. Tweet about your incentives with a #tradeshowname and #yourboothnumber. Build followers by sharing other useful, less promotional tips like where fellow attendees can find the best coffee or sandwiches.

Do this in moderation! You’ll miss out on supreme networking opportunities if you spend the event staring at a screen.

Learning how to get more tradeshow booth traffic is not an exact science, but there are a few constants. A great booth and genuine friendliness will help you build buzz, generate sales leads and gain new customers every time.   

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