Green business practices will impress clients

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Help protect the Earth, clean up your business
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Implement green business practives that will impress clients

Green business has taken off by leaps and bounds.  Corporations around the world are "rushing" to implement green practices where ever they can. They usually start small by implementing energy efficient air conditioning and solar air heating systems.  Next up is a recycling program.  The biggest "green" booster is solar energy.  Many homes utilize solar energy so it seems businesses will try to do the same thing.

The next time you hold a business meeting, serve water that is purified.  The crisp and cool taste of the water will impress your business associates.  The days of the "water cooler" may be numbered.  Many businesses have lunch rooms or common rooms in their building.  Most of these have sinks.  It's best to use a water purification system versus buying bottled water.  Not only is the water is readily available, there's not recycling of a bottle.

Eco business is the wave of the future.  Many businesses want to "go green,"  but fear they cannot because of the cost.  If businesses "go green" today, they will save money for the future.  More importantly, practices initiated today will save the planet tomorrow! 

Green businesses will become the choice of clients.  Since people all over the world are doing what they can to sustain the planet, a network of businesses will be formed.  Soon companies will know who is and who is not participating in conservation efforts.  If you are a business that is not a green business, you could lose millions of dollars.

Green Business Tips
  1. Hold conference calls versus flying executives all over the world.
  2. Implement a recycling program.
  3. Give back to the community and plant trees.
  4. Say goodbye to the water cooler and use water purification systems.
  5. Utilize solar energy.
  6. Install an energy efficient lighting system.

Not only will green business practices impress your clients, they will impress your customers.  Some companies are rewarding customers for their green practices.  A major office retailer will be giving its customers an incentive for bringing in their ink and toner cartridges.  A green business can gain more customers in addition to clients.  This will add more to the "bottom line" on a P&L (profit and loss) statement.

The winds of change are here -- will your business go with the flow or be left out in the cold?  The Businesses that want to stay competitive will do what they can to go green.  After all, it could be a matter of life or death for a business! 

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