How to choose men's cotton scrubs

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There is a world of color choices, styles and sizes from which to choose a collection of male medical scrubs
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The latest styles mix comfort with fashion.

Medics wearing brightly colored scrubs rate smiles when they pass the bed of a sick child. Mothers in labor and fathers waiting nearby feel less trepidation when approached by a doctor whose scrubs are patterned in non-traditional designs. Today, the medical scrubs seen in hospitals, doctor's offices and dental centers offer a fashionable twist on the old-fashioned styles of yesteryear—and yesterday.


Can scrubs' designs alleviate patients' fears?


Doctors in hospitals, clinics and private offices alike are wearing whimsical scrubs printed with the likenesses of everything from cartoon characters to ducks. Male nurses and technicians, too, sport a range of colors and styles unheard of not long ago. The designs capture a patient's attention and go far toward soothing a patient's fears—emotions sometimes triggered by the approach of any authority figure wearing a stark white uniform.


Male medical doctors, male veterinarians and dentists, too—males in any of the curative arts—are tapping into the subconscious by wearing a uniform. A crisp white set of scrubs can be the ideal choice in circumstances that call for a bit of formality. A crisp, clean uniform fosters confidence in the wearer and in the observer. Those who are professors in a medical institution may opt for whites as a way of expressing authority. But today, a more casual and friendlier atmosphere prevails when dealing with patients.   


Can scrubs be both affordable and durable?


A light touch and a smile make for an effective treatment plan when it comes to gaining the trust and cooperation of patients—and other staffers. Administrators who give the thumbs-up to apparel expenditures for their employees will find the prices of today's medical scrubs appealing. And managers who do the purchasing for the male employees at their place of employment are finding the range of choices in men's scrubs wider than ever before.


Manufacturers of scrubs who incorporate a wide variety of fabrics and styles into their work uniform supply are finding wide acceptance of styles printed with lively designs and white versions, too. Pure cottons, cotton and polyester mixes and other blends remain traditional favorites. New micro-fiber materials are finding wide acceptance, too—mostly because of their amazing absorbency and light weight. Micro-fiber medical scrubs take the wear and tear of daily use with ease.


Can comfort be a consideration when counting costs?


The apparel worn every day by male medical personnel needs to be extremely comfortable. The category—men cotton scrubs—promises many choices for buyers. Reputable manufacturers with a good record of providing fast service and quality products will find plenty of repeat customers among those whose responsibilities include buying medical scrubs for the male employees of hospitals, doctors' offices and the like. Comfort and correct sizing go far toward ensuring satisfaction in the ranks.


Providers of medical scrubs know that long hours and late nights are common in the medical field and oftentimes a set of scrubs sees service far beyond the normal dawn-to-dusk tenure of everyday clothing. Emergency runs to the maternity ward, quick forays to the coffee bar in the basement and occasional trips aboard an ambulance may all be a part of a scrub wearer's daily routine. Many factors need consideration when a purchasing agent is browsing through the section: men cotton scrubs.


Can color be used to avoid confusion?


Some facilities use certain colors to denote various departments. Those who work in the emergency department might wear blue scrubs. Another color might suffice for those who work in maternity or pharmacy. Pediatrics is where whimsical designs and cartoon characters run rampant upon the fabrics used in scrubs and related work uniforms.


There is a world of color choices, styles and sizes from which to choose a collection of scrubs and professional accoutrements—lab coats, overcoats, smocks and shoes—that will please both the men who are the wearers and those in charge of purchasing these essential goods. Clothes make the man? Maybe it is scrubs that make the man—comfortable and confident.

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