Printed flags can bring in new customers

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A stock or custom printed flag can alert customers to sales and specials
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Flags can be printed to display your company logo or announce a sale

Imagine you're walking down a business-lined street in your city or town, and you see a brightly printed flag waving in the breeze in front of a store a few doors down.  It could say almost anything..."Grand opening", "Sale", "Special today" or even just the name of the business. But that combination of color and movement and a message will catch your eye, and chances are you'll walk down to take a look.

You've just discovered the power of simple printed flags. Whether you select stock flags with simple messages or create custom flags to display your company name or logo, this affordable, low-tech advertising tool still works wonders. Ready to learn more?

Here are some ideas about where and how printed flags can help bring customers to your door.

Mount a flag on your building

A simple diagonal flag pole can be installed in minutes, and can provide an excellent venue for displaying your printed flags. Make sure the height is such that customers entering the store will not be bothered by the flag.  Also place it in a location that allows you to access the pole to change flags easily. Angle the pole so that the flag is easy to read: too steep an angle will cause a printed flag to be folded over and unreadable.

Purchase a stationary flag display for the sidewalk

If local zoning laws allow you to play a flag display on the sidewalk in front of your business, this is a excellent choice. A stationary display allows you to easily change the message, permits you to relocate the flag to face traffic as the day progresses and to bring the flag indoors at night or in inclement weather. Make sure the display rack you select allows the flag to move in the breeze.  That kinetic effect is part of what attracts a customer's eye and differentiates printed flags from ordinary signs. 

Keep the message simple

There is a reason simple flag messages like "Sale" continue to be in demand.  They work.  People glancing down a busy street or looking quickly while driving by in a car don't have time to read lengthy messages.

If you're thinking about ordering custom printed flags, remember to also keep it simple.  An image of a teddy bear or an icy drink will carry far more weight with potential customers than a lengthy phrase about collectible reproduction teddy bears or your restaurant's extensive menu of beverages. This is a tool to promote interest in your business -- your menu, store shelves or printed material can do the rest of the selling.

Rotate the flags for greater impact

Assemble a collection of message, image, holiday and seasonal flags for greater customer impact.  People who see the same image or words over and over stop really seeing them.  Keep it fresh and people will continue to notice your message.

Retire faded or worn flags immediately

There is nothing worse than a business displaying a tattered or faded sale flag or other printed flags that have seen better days. The price of even custom printed flags is much lower than the potential damage to your business' image, so be sure that every flag you display is bright and crisp.

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