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As a small business owner, you probably need assistance to get on top of things. Don't worry - there are plenty of online resources available to assist you
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Make it your business to get ahead.

Are you thinking about starting a small business? Perhaps you already have one and you desperately need assistance to get on top of things. Help is on the way!

There are many resources available, including online resources which are free and convenient that will assist you along your journey to running a successful business.

Of course, one of the first projects you need to do is line up suppliers for your industry supplies and equipment. It is helpful to find a supplier with a comprehensive website that makes ordering and budgeting less time consuming and more efficient. Whether you need worker uniforms, die cutting supplies or automotive parts, there is an online resource that will help build your business success.

Here are some of the most popular resources for small business owners that will help you find a solution for just about any topic that concerns you.

This popular magazine for entrepreneurs has a resource center for small business owners/entrepreneurs that is very helpful.

Find valuable information on start-ups, technology, women in business, finance, marketing, sales, e-commerce, human resources, leadership, business travel and personal finance.

Read actual cases of people with small businesses who have been in situations just like you that have solved problems.

Small Business Association

The Small Business Association will help you plan your business, get information on financial assistance, grants, online training, counseling and online tools for your business.

The SBA is an independent agency and is part of the federal government. It exists primarily to help small business owners like you.

Internal Revenue Service

If you have or are starting a small business, don't forget to check out your taxes! Understanding your tax information is critical. The IRS has a special section just for small business owners. This section is very user-friendly and has all of the forms you will need. Especially helpful is their A-Z index for businesses.


SCORE is a great resource for free small business counseling that will provide confidential business advice for your small business. You can get great advice either in person or by e-mail. There are SCORE centers all across the United States that can assist you.

SCORE provides classes along with personal sessions that offer informative business topics such as business plans, taxes and marketing. This is one of the best resources for small business owners available.

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