Selecting a corporate holiday card

By Matt Williamson
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Corporate holiday cards are a great way to stay in touch with clients, vendors and employees
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Most businesses send out holiday cards but the wrong holiday card can send the wrong message. When selecting a corporate holiday card, it is critical to understand what type of message your card is sending. Keep the following in mind when selecting a corporate holiday card:

What Is Your Message? Businesses want to maintain a feeling of goodwill and friendliness during the holidays. The company's first priority should be ensuring that the holiday card's message is perceived as friendly and warm.

Think of Your Corporate Culture. Every business has a corporate culture. Some businesses have a very rigid corporate culture; other businesses are more casual and relaxed but maintain a hardworking environment. Your holiday card should reflect your corporate culture. For some businesses, a formal holiday greeting is appropriate; for others, a photo of the staff around a holiday display is a better way to represent their company.

Humor: What's So Funny? Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh? Laughter is a great way to connect with others but remember that everyone differs in taste. Be cautious when sending a humorous message make sure that your holiday greeting has a positive message with a widespread appeal. You want your clients and business associates to feel positive about your company after reading the holiday card.

Style. Consider having several members of your staff review the available selection of holiday cards. Take a vote among a group of executives and employees to decide which holiday card is the most appealing. Chances are that the card which receives the most votes will be the one that appeals to a greater audience than a card simply chosen by one member of the business.

Choose Your Greeting. When deciding whether to use Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year, it is important to consider the recipient of your card. You do not want to exclude any particular group. Your holiday card should be warm and welcoming to all who will receive it.

The holidays are a great time to send warm wishes to everyone that you do business with don't miss this perfect opportunity to send everyone a cheerful greeting!

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