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Skills to run a business can be learned if you know which resources to use

We often find ourselves thinking that we could make better decisions than those that are made by some of the most well known CEOs in the world. We think that getting the skills to run a business cannot really be all that difficult if some of the people who have risen to the top of the business world are able to get to their stations in life. 

Of course, there are several skills that are needed in order to run a company. There are certain things that are not simply intuitive and that must be trained and taught. 

While common sense plays a part in taking charge of any company, there are certain pieces of information that are integral to running a business, like ways to keep the books, ways to deal with clients and suppliers, and a host of other items. 

But one has to wonder exactly where exactly to get the skills to run a business? There are a couple of different avenues that can be taken.

Business School - Bachelors and MBAs

One of the best places to acquire this extremely particular skill set is at a business school.

Getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration will mean that you have gone through the very basics of acquiring a host of information and knowledge about what it takes in order to helm your own company. 

The amount of information you learn from this particular path varies depending on what school you attend. As with most fields in the professional world, the better the school, the better prepared you will be to compete with the "big boys" when its time to actually start down your path to leadership.

Of course, if you want to make sure that you are positioned to rise in the ranks, then you will need to get more of an education than simply a Bachelor's degree. A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is basically a postgraduate degree that allows for potential employers to see that you have gone the extra mile in learning the field of business. 

This can be a helpful addition to a resume and it truly does mean that you have spent extra time accumulating skills and knowledge that will help you take command of your company.

Training Programs

Of course, classroom education is helpful when you are looking to run a company, but it is not the only way you get those skills. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of accomplished businessmen who don't have a lot of flashy degrees.

Sometimes there are better ways to get the right selection of skills. 

Some retailers specializing in office equipment know that there are a plenty of different skills that can be picked up outside the ivy walls of college. These can be particularly good resources for owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Office Depot offers a program known as the WebCafe. This is an online program that allows people to register and learn at their pace, picking up skills along the way.  You can register for new programs as they become available, or check out a whole host of archived programs in order to get caught up and see everything that has been offered.

The Street

When I say the street, I don't mean that you have to be homeless in order to get the needed skillset. What I mean by the street is that there is really something to be said for gaining the experience needed by working the business world and learning how one company works better than another. 

Books and classes will teach you the technical aspects of getting ahead in the business world, but experience trumps all and will provide valuable aspects like how to interact with specific people in very specific sectors of business. 

Experience is truly invaluable in business.

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